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Safari is the web browser developed by Apple Inc and it is the default browser for all Apple end point devices – Mac, iPhone, Tablet. This is a graphical web browser and it uses the Webkit development engine. The first version was released for the Apple desktop in 2003 and the mobile app was released on 2007. There was also a windows specific version that was released for a short time. The Safari 12 is the latest browser version and in December 2018, the release of the updated version was done. Some of the new features include intelligent tracking, Icon in tabs and strong password.

As far as the IOS is concerned, there are many specific features to the safari. These include the opening of certain web pages in the full screen mode, saving an image on the photo album through a light press, the multiple document interfaces through which multiple windows are embedded under a single window, link bookmarking to certain web pages etc.  In the latest IOS 12 version, there are many advanced security features like auto filled form from third party provider, stronger layers of password, multi factor authentication for email. The Safari browser for IOS uses the webkiti2 version.

So far there has been an estimated 5 to 6 million downloads for the app version.

Security is one of the best parts of all Apple products and for Safari; this is at its highest level.  There are strong tabs kept of surfing so that user is protected. There is a close watch and blocking of every suspicious website and also to prevent any form of digital tracking or information gathering. Safari does not allow any storing of browsing activity and thereby prevents storing of user details. It also gives alerts to risky links and safeguard from pesky bots.

Browsing speed is another good feature of Safari and although it cannot be said that Apple’s browser is far ahead of its rivals, still speed is very satisfactory. It has a very simple interface and this helps in loading the page in a jiffy without the user getting too much distracted.  Another plus point is that Safari eats up only limited memory space of the mobile and thereby helps in speed accumulation.

It has many add-ons and support functionalities for an enriched browser experience. The Safari Reader minimizes all other active pages and other applications and thereby helps in undisturbed usage of the device for a particular activity like reading etc. There are also other features like customization of tabs. Multiple program viewing is possible through the Air Play function. So for example, a video from Safari can be watched on the Apple TV and at the same time, the iPhone can be logged to the users’ favourite social media site.

Through Apple’s iCloud, the browser can be shared between multiple devices and through the help of tabs, bookmarks, reading list, switching between devices is seamlessly possible. It is also possible to view sites created by Apple’s closets browser rivals.

Latest version –

Currently for IOS it is 12.1 and the same has been released on 25th March 2019.

Download from 9Apps –

Get the latest version of the Safari App from the 9App site and get ready for a superlative browsing experience.

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