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This video game had a great level of popularity as an action packed tower defence game. It was initially published by US based video developer company Pop Games and also released by them. The future part was released by Electronics Publisher.  The first release was in 2009 on Windows desktop version and Mac machines. At a later stage, the mobile platform version of IOS, Android was launched. It also runs on Windows phone, PlayStations, console devices.

Within no span of time, the game spread almost like cult classic and got instant acceptance. It was acknowledged and ranked high by many third party game reviewers. Along with the game, its musical background score also was highly praised. The popularity forced the release of the part 2 mobile only version – this was for Android and IOS. The latest part 3 has been released this year i.e. 2019 and this is also for mobile platforms.

The game has become popular for its many cultural references from sketch and comic characters, other video games, movies, musical and comedy groups. This includes some ultra-famous names like Harry Porter and Ace of Base.

In the year of its release, it was adjudged by Gamezebo as the best game of the year and was nominated for several other awards as well.

The game features –

  1. The players have to prevent the zombies from reaching their homes. To do so, they place different types of plants and fungi in horizontal lines in front of their houses.
  2. These plants have different offense and defence capabilities and they have to attack the zombies and prevent them for entering the house.
  3. The game proceeds to different levels. It starts at the daytime and then proceeds till night. At night, it becomes more challenging. There are pools, storms and roof tops.
  4. The player gets a minimum amount of seed packs to defend themselves from Zombies. After some stage, they can   purchase the in-app seed pack slots.
  5. The Zombies have different characteristics and destructive abilities.
  6. There are different areas and different area levels. This comes in the adventure mode of the game. This is the beginning and the main mode.
  7. The background song is a combination of pop music and console chip tunes.

The characters are:

Crazy Dave – The narrator as well as the instructor of the game. He appears in the adventure mode and instructs the players on what to do. At an in-between stage, he is abducted and then comes back again.

Dr Zomboss – He is the head of the Zombies and the main antagonist or the evil force of the game. All destruction is planned by Dr  Zomboss.

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