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There is never a better way to love the pets than being with them all the time. Once you leave the house for the office or the college, then often separation pangs are felt till the evening. Now with this pet app, be with your favourite pet, all day long (digitally of course). This app was realised in 2013 by the Slovenian based video development company Outfit 7. It has another English name – Customize your Tom.

The app works on all the different platforms and this includes IOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows phone. The first release was that of IOS in 2013 followed by Android in the next year.

The game is all about taking care of a kitten named Tom.  Alternatively the player has the option of having some other name for the kitten. Here Tom is taken as a kitten and then it is the duty of the player to ensure that Tom grows up into a full bodied tomcat. This means, throughout the course of the game, the player has to care of Tom by looking after its various needs. It is all about collecting points as Tom grows up. The app has the feature of in app purchases and through and they can also log into Facebook and visit friends (this is also a paid option)

As the game progress through the growing up of the kitten, the player will face more and more challenges.

A truly nice and simple game for pet lovers especially cat pet lovers.

Features of the game –

  1. A game that can be played by all ages and not just children
  2. There are a lot of things about Tom that needs to be taken care – food and sleep at the right time, taking him to the toilet,  petting and playing,
  3. The kitten can also speak using the technique of synthesised voice. It is basically repeating whatever that is told.
  4. There are many games to be played with Tom like fun, adventure, action, puzzle games, sports and more …
  5. As Tom the kitten grows up, there are new clothes and furniture that has to be selected for him.
  6. Make in- app purchases to turn the game more exciting.
  7. Have a detailed look on Tom and find treasure and coins in the course of the game.
  8. Connect with friends over Facebook.
  9. The game builds up a virtual pet connect and love for pets in real life.

Download from 9App –

This game can be downloaded from one of the biggest app sites – 9Apps.

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