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This is an app that helps out people to plan their expenses and savings other methods of money management.

It is mandatory for everyone to plan their expenses and savings, budget for the entire month and also to chalk out future activities. So, even if a couple is newly married, then also it is necessary to start planning to save for the children’s education, even though at this stage, they are just two of them. Again if a bachelor starts working, it is necessary that he starts planning to buy a house even though at this stage he is single.  Once a person starts earning, he or she should start planning immediately, current expenditure and future savings. Many a times, at a young age, people do the mistake of not planning for the future. They make it a point to spend more and save less. While fun and merriment in life is good, it is necessary to have a long term view as well.

In the internet and digital age there are many apps that help out people to do their money management. It is always better to take the guidance of such tools because a lot of thinking by financial specialist and planners have gone into this. It is not that working people have no idea on the ways to plan their expenses but it is always better is the same is done in a studied and procedural manner. This is the exact function of the money view app.

The main functions of the money view includes detailed tracking of the expenses, budget planning. Through this app, it is also possible to get a personal loan of Rs 5, 00,000 accordingly to the eligibility criteria.

Some of the main features of the Money view –

  1. Through a feature known as the expense manager, users can now exactly track how much is the monthly expenditure incurred and the various heads under which this goes. This is done through the SMS notification of the app.
  2. It presents statements of the bank balance, Paytm and various other wallet based balances. The user gets the idea of what is going where.
  3. The app helps in budget tracking by keeping a tab on all forms of expenses. This includes the inflow, the outflow, the surplus balance if any.
  4. It is possible to get unsecured personal loans within 2 hours if the individual and income fits within the eligibility criteria. In normal cases, even if an eligibility criterion is clear, the paper work can take a few days or more.
  5. The app gives prompt utility bill payment reminders that have to be done on a monthly basis. This is tracked on the basis on the SMS received from the utility and other bill payment companies.
  6. It is a total safe and secure app and does not compromise anywhere on the security part. It does not read any OTP’s or any form of password confirmation or any sensitive information. All views are done through high end bank level encryption and decryption. All information is presented to user on the basis of last four digits of the account and nothing beyond that.

9App gives you this app –

The money app can be downloaded From the 9Apps digital storage site.

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