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Kill shot Bravo is a free mobile FPS sniper game in which the player is required to arm himself with the deadly weapons, rifles and machine guns in order to complete the combat missions deep inside the enemy territory. The amazing game is so interesting and addictive that it has millions of installs till date due to its unique and awesome features and easy availability in the 9app APK store. In the game play, the player will find more than 500 missions which is required to complete in order to become the master in the game and be on the top of the leaderboard by beating all the other players and friends. In the game, you will be trained as a special force soldier and required to navigate secret missions all around the world by eliminating the hostile forces that becomes hurdles in your way and create obstacles for you to prevent you and your force to create a peaceful world.


Here are the key features of kill shot Bravo, just put a glance so you can play the game by understanding all the main points–

1- In the search of terror threats, you have to travel the world right from the guerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges to Mediterranean Islands.

2- To get more and more points and take all the important kill shot, you have to move to environment to find the best Sniper wantage.

3- There are some breach missions which you need to compile to enter the occupied buildings and clear the threat so you can survive even after the enemy attack and out shoot your opponent.

4- Encounter different types of enemies as each one of them has his own strength and combat objectives.

5- You have to unlock the higher levels and equip cool gear, including helmets, uniforms, body armour, goggles, face masks, boots etc.

6- The players can customise their avatar and get parks to help in the battle that will enables them to win and beat the enemies.

7- You can even compete your high scores with your friends and other players of the game and earn the achievements to show off your snipers skills.

Kill shot Bravo game app APK download-

If you like such games then you should try it ones as we ensure you that you will get addicted to it when you play it even a single time. To download it now, all you have to do is just click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from 9apps download  through APK and enjoy the real time experience of shooting your enemies..

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