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The highly popular photo and video sharing social site Instagram has its own chat messaging services. This app is known as Instachat and it facilitates the chat between Instagram members. This free app works on Android and iPhones as well. It’s a great app to establish chat with your Instagram friends, group and other community members.

Instagram is a very popular social trend and fashion site with friends and other social members sharing a lot of happening info. It also, features many of the top celebrities of the world. Through this, chat members get the chance to interact with one another, find new friends, share lifestyle trends. It also gives a chance to follow famous personalities.

Some of the cool features of this absolutely trendy app of the most trendy social media site include –

  1. It is very simple and self-explanatory to use this chat app. At the bottom of the app, there are four sections namely – friends, profile, chat, explore.
  2. The friends tab is on the left hand corner of the screen. It shows those contacts who are on the Instachat and those who have not activated the service.
  3. There is an option to promote oneself in this chat-app. Just go ahead and click on the “promote me” button and post the photo. This is the request to the other members to start chatting. By doing this, user is officially showing the inclination of wanting to chat and becoming friendly with others.
  4. The app supports Google push notifications. This gives the user all the alerts of each and every message and also likes. The major advantage is that, battery consumption is minimized and at the same time being possible to continue getting all notifications and messages.
  5. Total and complete real time chat is possible with all other app users of this social media site. This can be real fun since most of the users in Instagram have are linked up to get the latest on fashions, dresses, lifestyle, travel etc. Since areas of interest are common, chats are also mutually beneficial.
  6. The photo feature is truly interesting and cool to use and view. The images can be zoomed by pinching and the photo gallery can be swiped, thereby making it possible to view a large array of photos.
  7. The screen gives the status of people who are online at that moment of time. The chat can be initiated accordingly.
  8. The picture sharing can be done over chat and apart from that smiley’s and emoji’s are plentiful to make the chat light, easy and funny.  The picture sharing is always one to one.
  9. The app has the vibration notification for any new messages. This is a way of letting the user know about weak or interrupting connections
  10. It makes use of GPS technology and searches for users near to the location using the chat feature. The users can also come to know of the locational distance of photos posted nearby.
  11. The search facility allows knowing about other users online on the chat services. The user can follow others like celebrities etc.

Download –

This free app can be downloaded from the 9App store the Android mobile.

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