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In this fast growing era who relies on TV for  shows  ,entertainments ,videos ,daily soaps movies cricket. In this 21st century with the advancement of Technology this helps the world to stay in more digitalized way and hot start and initiative of stars Group has invented such app to make user friendly to sit and enjoy at any given period of time.Hot star only download from play store and 9apps APK store.


ü  Different Daily Soaps with different episodes.

ü  Live streaming of Cricket and other reality shows.

ü  One doesnt have to fix one particular time to see its show. It allows to see at any period of time.

ü  Less Buffering and ad , so it doesnt annoy user to wait and test their patience.

ü  Immediate video start-up after the first video. So no time to wait.

ü  A detailed scoreboard while watching LIVE match.

ü  Wheteher you are in deep jungle or in top hill-top, Hot star will never fail to impress you with its amazing video quality, less data usage and less loading time.

ü  Activate bug fixation , so that it doesnot interrupt in working.

ü  Latest upgrades in apps so that it helps to cope with new recent features.

How to download Hotstar GO SOLO app :

  • Firstly download the 9apps application.
  • After that find Hotstar app APK
  • And after then save this Hotstar GO SOLO APK in your mobile.

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