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There are pages and page of material that can be written on the most commonly used browser of the world. Most of the “ netizens” and  the regular browsers of the day put their default  PC and Laptop browser as Chrome. This goes without saying and is a fact. The symbol  is common in every mobile device, tablet, iPad, desktop. In the internet and digital world, Chrome is the most commonly used term, perhaps on the same level as how Windows is used in hardware. Still, knowing some facts about this browser is worthwhile.

It is known as Google Chrome but is simply referred to as Chrome. This is a web browser that has been developed by Google. This browser works on multiple platforms. The Chrome was first released in 2008 on a Windows platform and then it was made compatible on the Apple Mac machines, Linux based platforms. At the same time, on the smart phone mobile, it is used in Android devices by default since Android is Google owned application and on IOS and Windows phones as well. The browser is the main component for the Google Linux based Operating system known as Chrome OS. The source code of Chrome has been developed using open source Chromium

As of now, Chrome controls the majority share of the browser usage market. Several third party web traffic analysers have estimated that Chrome accounts for almost 58 to 60% of the total usage in the world. The latest 2019 figures by the most reputed of these traffic analysers – Statbrowser estimate a share of about 70% in the personal computer segment.

The latest version for Android was released on June 19th 2019 and the IOS version was released on June 26th of the same year. The Chrome web store enables users to store apps and other web applications as extension to the browser.

Some of the great features of this browser app:

Data saver – This feature enables the user to browse and surf while saving up a lot of data. It is almost 60^ by some estimates. Chrome has this feature of compressing the data and rest assured, no quality is disrupted.

Searching content made easy – It not only saves data but enables fast searching as well for almost anything under the sun. The new tab page in Chrome helps the user to go directly to the favourite site, with a tap. The fast search option takes user to the related site by jut taping the first 2 lines.

Download – The website has the downloaded home right inside the browser enabling it to view and access all the downloaded content in the offline mode as well.

Translate – This helps in translating from English to any language and the great part is that virtually all languages of the world are supported.

Personalized searching – Every search is helped by Chrome. On the new tab page, there will be information stored by the search engine based on the previous search by the user. When information is typed into search bar, Chrome auto-completes it, thereby shortening the search process.

Privacy – If search history is not to be shown or protected, then incognito mode can be activated.


The Google chrome is downloadable from, 9Apps store.

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