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Facebook is the only social media app which has been ranked first in the list of most famous social media application. Its site is also available for the users. The facebook app is the only app which has been using by billion of people. The popularity of facebook is increasing day by day and the best part is that in India 80% of people use facebook and having facebook accounts. Facebook assure you many things and give you benefits to do  any things. You can make here friends, you can find your relatives or family and friend by this site. Facebook is launched on 2004 and in 1 year only it comes to millions of users. Facebook app allows you to download or upload the photos and videos which has been selected by you. There are several privacy option are available on this site and there is no chance of having insecurity if you are choosing this app. This is not only having site but also having site and there you can do whatever you want. Every one of us were having facebook account and every one of us were very much concerned about facebook. We upload the post and connect our self with so many other peoples.

Facebook download 9apps free

When we have smart phone the facebook is mandatory. If you up till now not having facebook app in your device and want to have that then just do one thing. You need to just download 9apps from where you can have all the apps which you love. 9apps is the most popular application which has huge amount of apps and games and many more thing. 9apps will give you facebook application is very small and convenient size. When you will download facebook app from 9apps then you will not going to have any storage problem as each and every app which has been given by 9apps is very small in size and never going to have any problem. You can here get so many other apps which you like most. Most famous social media apps are present here.

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