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Welcome to the world of popular apps, games, wallpaper and free software at 9apps. Play and review games using 9app downloader. If you are using android mobile then your version must be 3.0 to  play HD games easily most of the games are compatible to higher version of android.

Download 9app Games Step

First you need to open browser and type 9apps install you will find a link name click on the link.

You will see download image just click on it and start downloading in your device.

Goto folder and then click to install in your device.

Now open 9app_Apk and then type games and then click to search.

You will find lots of games just click the games you like to have own your device.

9apps game version


Requires: Android 3.0 Or Higher

Games support : almost all games on one platform

Size: 1.94 MB

Downloads: 44268

Category: Browsing

Updated: today

Licence: Free

Does this game is paid or free after installing in device?

The game which you download from 9apps are totally free to download.

Are games are trial version?

No you will get full version games. So get your game now and enjoy!

Does the game content advertisement section?

No the games does not have pop-up advertisement.

Does the game which is download trusted and safe?

Yes the games which you are downloading are trusted and safe.

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