Caller Name Ringtone For Samsung

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Caller Name Ringtone is an excellent app offered by AndUtil and is accessible in the listed category of Tools app. As the name itself suggests, Caller Name is an app incurring with calling out when someone is calling out, apart from other boring ringtones. This app assists in making you understand the calls being received without viewing the phone. This is a extraordinary app very much accessible to all Android users as it can be very easily accessed on the Android devices supporting the version of 2.3.3 and above. The actual version of this app is of about 1.3. This app also enables the user to identify the calls received by sending a message and so on. It is a super most built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speak out the incoming caller name or the sender name through an SMS. In between the ringtones the caller name is spoken out aloud by reducing it volume. This app is very highly accessible specially when you are driving and the phone seems to be in your pocket or someone sending you an SMS when the device is incurred in another room and so on.

So instead of playing a ringtone on your device, you can hear the caller name accessed through the speaker when someone calls you out. Thus, when a call comes automatically, the name of the caller is very well announced by which you can understand the call being received without answering the call on your phone. Thus, this built-in app installed on your device will make you to attain all its benefits incurred in it. This app presently now featured with SMS Message announcer too. Thus, when receiving an SMS message, the arrival of the SMS Message is also announced. Thus, through this app you can optionally select to listen to the complete SMS message. Any extra configurations are not required and the functions on this app are ready to attain. Moving forward, before downloading this app on your device, check out its authentic features.


This Caller Name Ringtone app arrives with fully custom features and settings incurred in them, have a look at them

  1. You have the access of enabling or disabling caller name announcement any time
  2. Phone ringtone can be replaced with Caller Name Ringtone very easily. Also the delay in between the Caller names can be adjusted
  3. Enable or Disable SMS announcer app
  4. User can also access of reading the full SMS message out loud when an SMS message arrives. So be very careful while enabling this feature.
  5. Users can also  select the announcement of incoming calls incurring the silent mode on the phone
  6. Call Announcer can be selected during working hours in the mode of vibration
  7. Pitch of the volume and Speech range can be changed for all Incoming calls and SMS messages too.


To retrieve this app on y our device and attain all the benefits accessed on it, then get the immediate download done from the APK.file through 9apps and get the direct installation done without any worries as it is exclusively free of cost.

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