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In India, weddings are a big affair and they are a planned affair. It is no easy task to make the perfect match. There are so many criteria’s that have to match before the boy and the girl say yes and their families say yes. With its huge population and the vast diversity, it does not happen overnight and lot of time and effort goes into the fixing of a simple match making between couples.

When there are so many hurdles to such a big requirement, the internet becomes the best tool to connect people, bring them closer and provide a solution to speedier process of wedding match making. In the year 1997 one such entrepreneur Murugavel Janakiraman started the online wedding Internet site which would help couples and their families to meet and finalize the life partnership match. Since then, it is no looking back for this portal known as Bharat

The company also has direct presence with more than 130 offices across the country. On the international front, it has offices in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, USA and Dubai.

The charming thing about the service is that even the founder met his future life partner through this portal.

Bharat is slightly different from the other marriage portal sites in India. It offers match making services more to the working professionals who find it a little difficult to take out the time and effort to select a girl or guy for them.

The company entered the Limca book of records in the year 2006, in terms of completing the largest number of documented marriages in the country. The portal also offers linking to multiple communities and linguistic regions. This has made it a vast network of members, groups, and prospects and turned the entire concept of groom and bride seeking, much simpler.

The company has also won several prestigious awards from Delloite, NDTV, Comscore. In fact, Delloite has ranked it twice as the fastest growing tech firm.

The service has its app for users of all mobile i.e. Andrioid and iPhone. The app has the following features for the user –

  1. This is a very much friendly app and easy to navigate even for the first time user.
  2. Do not worry about the location. It has a GPS enabled area based search facility to find matches near to the user place of stay.
  3. Every communication is alerted through an instant notification.
  4. All information is total and completely safe and encrypted and secure in all aspects.
  5. The Matrimony messenger is a specialized chat service through which users can be guided on the services provided by Bharat matrimony.
  6. This app makes future life partner viewing as a great experience. There are many options like saving selected profiles, refining the search result, later on viewing.
  7. The online account can be synced with the app. This makes it possible to every new message, instantaneously on the mobile.
  8. Depending upon the plan taken, each user can view the other side details like photos, images, email id’s contact numbers etc. Personalized chat is also possible.
  9. Regional language app for most of the Indian states and communities

Download –

Go to the 9Apps store to download this app and find your desired life partner.

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