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The App master performs multiple utility functions of the Android mobile. It provides high level security for the device through its protection services and also functions as a memory booster for the smart phone. Moe importantly, one of its key functionality is to uninstall bulk Android apps in a clean and simple manner from the phone. This app provides protection through locking of the device and further enhances the performance by giving the necessary level of optimization.

There are many apps that force themselves on the smart phone device thereby chocking up the storage space and overall reducing the performance of the phone. Most of them are unwanted. Instead of going one by one to download them, it is better to do a bulk uninstall through the use of the App master. Sometimes it also so happens that a particular app is uninstalled and then later on it is found that , this app was useful.

All such irritants and problems can be laid to rest through the App master.

Some of the features of the App Master include –

  1. Simple to use and navigate and a very user friendly app
  2. The app provides the facility to place a pattern lock on any of the applications on the phone. This gives it complete security. The user can lock any of the app so that any form of sensitive information is personal document, images, confidential information, word or spread sheet files etc. is protected.
  3. It totally prevents unauthorized peeping from any unwanted persons into the mobile phone.
  4. Memory cleaning is no longer a tedious or difficult task and all it takes is a simple tap on the smart phone device. This cleans up a lot of residual memory and junk files. It gives the much desired boost to the efficiency and working of the device.
  5. The app facilitates the back-up and restores facility for the applications through the setting of the SD card movements. The back-up allows keeping a copy of the app data. The apps can be shared with other users, friends etc. without exposing any mobile data usage. It gives all requisite details like size, package, apk path etc.
  6. The app master hardly requires any space. It is one of the smallest installation app in the digital stores and even when installed will never be a drain on the storage of the device.
  7. Among the other utility options is the tracking of data usage and putting the desired level of privacy options in place. Whenever there is the excessive usage, the app gives alerts and notifications.
  8. Multiple unwanted applications can be removed in a single click.
  9. It performs the function of scanning each and every apk in the SD card.
  10. The user can configure the desired back up directory in the settings. This helps in preserving the required back up files.

Download from 9App store –

As can be seen, the App master has many simple and easy going utilities in terms of memory booster, clean up, security and privacy options. It helps to increase the performance at all levels.

Download this app from the 9Apps store to the Android device.

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