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9apps, which sometimes spelled by some people as 9xapp is a popular and widely used mega app store which offers a variety of apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers in almost every category. The major thing which attracts a lot of users is that it is available free of cost and can be downloaded in a blink of an eye due to its mini file package size and this is the reason why the people who has low storage mobile or any other device, they can also avail its features without any hassle. It offers many other interesting features to its registered users which you will never find in any other app store and the clean and simple user interface of this Mini sized get packed with great features app store makes it easier for the users to browse their favourite apps.

Now take a look on some of the top or best apps of 9xapp-

  • Tudoo- Funny Video-

It is a popular and one of the most downloaded app of 9apps store through which you can easily and instantly watch your favourite videos anytime and anywhere on the move and that too, in offline mode by downloading the video concerned. Basically this app offers a lot of short videos beyond your imagination and you can choose the video of your choice from different categories like popular, curious, match, comedy, Technology etc and the best part is all the videos can be downloaded in less than 2 minutes if you have good internet access.


Following are the key features of this app, just have a look-

  1. The registered users of this app can watch their favourite video and explore the Fun World in just 150 seconds.
  2. The intelligent or smart Recommendation of this app enables you to find your favourite video instantly without any hurdle as it uses the most advanced algorithms which helps you to find the content you are looking for.
  3. The best part of this app is it consumes the minimum space in your device and make your phone more fluid by using the most advanced technology.
  4. It provides a unique design that helps you to use it anytime and anywhere which will make your life full of fun.
  • Subway Princess Surf-

It is an awesome Infinity running game which is offered to the users free of cost in which a cute princess runs with her bicycle and the player is required to help her to run and escape a chase of a monster to collect more and more coins by avoiding all the obstacles that comes along the way as by doing so, The Princess can ride cycle as fast as possible.


Take a look on the points noted below to understand the main features of Subway princess Surf-

  1. The colourful and put graphics of the game make it look more eye catching and attractive.
  2. Easy one touch controls enables the users to write the cycle as fast as they can to explore the mysterious castle.
  3. Background music and sound effects of this app make the gameplay more intense and exciting.
  • Cheetah Keyboard-

It is a full fledged keyboard app used by millions of Android users which is formerly known as Panda keyboard, now comes with all the features that one should have in a keyboard app. With the help of this app, you can make your phone quite distinctive from others as it has many beautiful themes and other features like AI prediction, voice typing etc.

  1. This app has its own theme store which provides a huge collection of unique and beautiful themes like and anime, 3D, skull, red, purple, love, blue and more especially designed for the users of this app.
  2. Smart prediction feature of this app enables you to learn the way of writing including those words which you often type.
  3. this app offers auto correction feature through which you get the suggestions for word completion and next word prediction based on the words that you have typed.

9xapp App APK Download – 2017 –

Following are the top or best apps of 9xapp or 9apps which you can download in your Android device free of cost. To download it now, just click on the header or footer options from download 9apps through APK.

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