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Welcome to the apps Gadget Guru the only name which stucks in our mind for downloading free applications and games is 9Apps. Not only this you can download event premium applications in very simple step using the app store. 9x App has against property within year and gain the position in top 10 app store company worldwide. It is the most stable App Store for Android user. There are thousands of software company who claim that they are the best app store company provider but when is come about real experience we find that the companies fail to fulfill their commitment. So if we are going to compare thousands of application then it’s not possible to us to do so but if we are going to compare top 10 app store then we can easily compare and find the best among them. The most famous app store company are as follows google Play Store, microsoft app store, samsung store, mI Store, 9Apps, etc. Now again if we compare about free software then we get 9Apps has #1 position providing almost all the applications for free.

What is 9x app?

9X app basically points to 9apps store. People use different keywords to find the same application it’s so because most of the people use shortcuts for each keywords so that why most of the people right only 9X instead of 9Apps.

Is 9apps safe?

Yes! 9Apps is completely safe it is all about platform which have millions of software, games, document, wallpaper iI and many more so it may contain virus application too. You you need to search an and get all the details of applications and games Before downloading otherwise you may be a victim of of virus or Malware in your smartphone. Sometime we just can’t sleep tab our come on the options which has gone at the time of and which is completely wrong this types of practicing make calls problem so avoid this type of practice. Whenever you were installing any software you need to read carefully each and every steps at the time of installation so that you can get the idea about what information that occasion is going to you take from our mobile. Sometime we avoid and to read what exactly the software going to do and when it gets stone we get hacked for our information may get share with the help of that application. So it’s better to have precaution at your end whenever you find any software you need to find the reviews of the software if you find the reviews are good then only you need to install the software from 9Apps.

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