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is sometimes referred as 9waps but it is the wrong spelling of the popular and mini sized app store which supports free and fast download of all the trending and top apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers and that too, free of cost. This platform is used by millions of people all around the world due to its amazing features and mini size which let the user download it in a device of less storage capacity and enables them to install their favourite games and apps in their device without consuming much space. With the help of 9Apps or 9waps, the registered users can easily explore the best and top apps and get it installed in their preferred category.

Now take a look on some of the apps which you can download from 9apps-

  • Cheetah keyboard-

It is a free keyboard app which you can download from 9app as it comes with various amazing features and this is the reason why it is considered as one of the best keyboard app installed by millions of users worldwide. It is also the first keyboard app which can implement deep learning models and support cutting edge input method like glide typing, cloud prediction and much more.


Here is the list of key features cheetah keyboard app which is formerly popular as Panda keyboard-

1- There are thousands of free keyboard themes available in this app which is exclusively design for personalization and enables the users to avail its fun to a great extent.

2- You can make your chat more expressive with the help of thousands of emojis and GIFs offered in this app.

3- The registered users of this app can avail completely safe and virus free typing experience through this app.

4- Black technology is used in this app which let the user to get the experience of 3D effects.

5- Smart prediction is another important feature of this app which enables you to auto store all typed words and enhance your typing efficiency by auto correcting the mis spelt words.

  • Bubble Rescue-

It is a popular and one of the most classic and deluxe bubble shooting game app which is offered to the users of android device free of cost and enables them to enjoy the real time experience of shooting the bubbles without going anywhere directly in their device. This is an interesting and very addictive gameplay in which the player is required to match three or more than three bubble and burst the same in the legendary world to score high runs and be the master of the game.


Put a glance on the points which are noted below to understand the key features of this app-

1- There are more than 200 amazing levels and each level has something new to achieve which makes the game unique and different from other level.

2- You can also ameliorate your aiming skills on a particular object buy shooting the bubbles in the game.

3- To reach on the higher levels and difficult ones, you need to save all the lovely chickens in the levels.

4- The best part of this game is that it is available in a very tiny size which let the user download it in a very little space as it does not consume much storage space of your device.

5- Pop all the bubbles in a very strategical manner to make more and more combos and power ups.

So these are some of the apps you can download from here and if you want to download other favourite apps then just click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly through 9apps games APK ..

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