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9apse is the name which is sometime wrongly spelt for 9apps. However, both are one and the same thing and this is just misspelled. 9apse or 9apps is basically a mini sized app store which is packed with great features and functions and enables the users to download their favourite and high quality mobile apps in their concerned device free of cost.  With the help of this Mini app store, the one who had less storage capacity in his device can easily install this app and download his preferred game, apps, ringtones, wallpapers and much more to enjoy the smoother experience of using the app or playing the game easily and instantly on the move.

Now take a look on some of the apps which you can download from 9apse-

  • Crazy Race-

Crazy Race is a super car racing game that comes with great gameplay and many other exciting features which you will never find in any other game app. In this amazing gameplay, the player is required to dive into the world of racing which is full of twists and turns. Not only this, you need to burst the tires into flames in order to get the high score and beat other players of the game to become the master of racing and be on the top of leaderboard.


Take a look on the point noted below to get an understanding of the main features of Crazy Race game app-

1- In order to get the maximum score from the race, you have to collect as many stars as you can and avoid the obstacles and other vehicles that comes on your way.

2- By switching to the turbo option, the player can accelerate the speed of his car and get a feel of flying through the other car in the real time.

3- The super graphics of the game makes it more interesting as it is very eye catching and attracts the users to a great extent.

4- To score high runs, the best ways to collect more and more stars.

  • SUPO Optimizer-

It is a power booster and cleaner app which enables the users to clean their phone and free up the storage in order to boost up the performance of their concerned device so it can work in a smoother and faster manner.

With the help of this app, you can not only optimize your device but also improve its performance, enhance the speed, free up storage space and clean all the junk files.


Have a look on the points noted below to know the key features of the app-

1- This app cleans up all the junk files and cache from your device and that too, in just a single tap.

2- Antivirus and Security feature is also offered in the app through which it smartly scans and detects virus, spyware and malware of the device.

3- It optimizes RAM and free up the space and thus, boost your device so it can run smoothly and fastly.

4- Notification cleaner is another feature through which you can clean notification board, mute and gather unnecessary alerts.

So these are some of the apps which you can from download 9apps  and to install it now, just click on the header or footer options and get it download directly through APK..

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