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9aps Download For Android :

9Apps is a popular app store which is sometime referred as 9Aps. However, it’s correct spelling is 9Apps which is a tiny sized app store used worldwide by millions of people in order to download the apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers easily and instantly as it is the fastest way to get the best new Android apps free of cost in the devices. With the help of this amazing app store which is available to the users free of cost, one cannot only fastly download his desired or favourite app but also discover the top rated apps and games with the smart recommendation feature so the users can download the high quality wallpapers, ringtones, sticker, video, music and much more without any block.

Now let us take a look on some of the best or top rated apps of 9Apps, which is sometime referred to as 9Aps-

UC News –

UC News is designed and developed by Alibaba group, which is a Chinese company that allows the users to get all the breaking and trending news stories anytime and anywhere on the go on different topics and categories including business, entertainment, cricket, Technology and many others. Today this amazing news app is choice of millions of people as it is available to the users free of cost and allows them to never miss a single news with the several exciting and interesting features that you will never find in any other news application.

It brings millions of stories from more than hundred top Media channels of the world and keeps you updated with the news in your preferred category so you will find what you love in a clean and smooth way.

Some of the main features of this app are noted below, just take a look-

1- The clean and brilliant user interface of UC news app brings a brand new reading experience to the users.

2- As it contains millions of news stories in the app, it helps you to read the news based on your matches according to your preference by using machine learning Technology so you can only read your favourite news based on the recommendation that you get.

3- By installing this news encyclopedia, it curates the most trending news for you.

4- The registered users of this app can select the relevant topics of Indian as well as international news and can also participate in discussion topics, current trends and get to know all the local updates which are happening in India and around the world from the social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc to stay updated and in trends always.

5- News is curated from more than 20 popular and top rated media channels for the users and many topics are covered in those millions of the stories including fashion, travel, offbeat etc that can satisfy all your daily needs.

6- While loading news, this app not only loads news faster even on slow network connection but also saves much of your data and provided the users an option to read the news later on so you can read the news whenever you have time even without Internet connection.

7- This app has a professional cricket editor team, provides the users real time experience of watching cricket match and the scores so the cricket lovers will never miss out any cricket match.

UC Browser Mini-

UC Mini is the tiny version of UC Browser which is a choice of millions of Internet users as it gives a great web browsing and net surfing experience and is exclusively designed and developed for the users of Android mobile phone which have low storage space so it can be downloaded in a blink of an eye and consumes very little storage space of the device concerned. The best part of this Mini browsing software is despite of having Mini package file size, it is packed with great features.

Now, put a glance on the key features of this app which describes how this app works-

1- The registered users of this app are provided with the facility of navigation card so they can get the local content and services including local videos, cricket etc on their navigation.

2- With the help of night mode facility, you can dim the brightness of your screen and switch to night mode so as to read the content and browse the web more comfortable and conveniently in dark or at night.

3- Incognito mode is also offered in this app in order to protect the privacy of the users as this mode enables the users to browse in private and never leave any sort of search history or mark behind.

4- Unique and very useful gesture commands are also added in this browsing software so that it can control video progress and adjust the volume with ease and comfort.

5- By installing this app from 9Apps, you can smartly download multiple files at the same point of time and that too very fastly with the help of auto reconnection.


Flipkart is one of the widely used and very popular online Marketplace which is trusted by millions of people in order to shop different products in different categories including fashion, electronics, mobiles, books, footwears etc online. This app is available to the uses of Android free of cost and designed very elegantly which not only allows the users to buy their favourite product at the best possible price but also offers several exciting and interesting features.

Following are the key points that describe the main features of this popular online shopping Flipkart app , just take a look-

1- Users can smartly search their desired product with the help of search bar in order to look up for the products by using text, voice, barcode etc.

2- You can make payment for the products that you had purchased from this app in a variety of payment modes including cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, netbanking, EMI etc.

3- The users are provided with the facility to pinpoint any product that they want to purchase with the sort and multi filter functions so they can buy it later on.

4- With the help of a smart recommendations, you can get relevant product suggestions based on your shopping history.

5- Before purchasing any product from this app, you can examine each and every product closely with the large, multi perspective images.

WhatsApp Messenger-

It is a free messaging app available to the users so they can stay connected with their friends or family by sending and receiving text messages, images, documents, voice calls etc. The best part of this app is it is available to the users free of cost and enables them to chat with their near and dear ones anytime and anywhere and only consumes the Internet connection of yours.

Let us now discuss some of the main points of this app that describes its main features-

1- The registered users of this app can message and call their friends and family without paying a single penny and stay connected with them.

2- Share your memorable moments with your near and dear ones by sending and receiving photos, videos, voice messages, documents, making video calls and much more.

3- Create groups with your friends and family and enjoy the experience of group chat with your WhatsApp contacts to get in touch or share any particular information with a group of people easily and instantly.

4- The users are also provided with the facility to send and to receive WhatsApp messages directly from their computer’s Browser.

5- In order to use this amazing messaging aap, you are not even required to register yourself with this app with usernames or pins is it automatically integrate seamlessly with your phone’s existing address book.

6- There is no confusion or problem with regard to login because you are always logged into this app and never miss a single message.

 Pixlr- Free Photo Editor-

Pixlr is a free and funny photo editing Android app that not only comes with amazing and cool effects but also enables you to create beautiful pictures with the combination of free effects, overlays and filters. This is the reason why this amazing apps with voice of millions of people who love to edit their photos and unlock their creativity. There are many tips, tricks and daily inspiration available in this app that you can avail in order to make an innovative and creative photo for you.

1- By using different and cool layouts, background and spacing you can create photo collages in a variety of choices.

2- You can stylize your ordinary photos into stunning ones by using tools like pencil drawing, an ink sketch, a poster and more.

3- There is a pool of effect available in the app so you will be able to choose from a variety of special and cool effects to give your image, a unique look.

4- With the help of color splash feature, you can focus on one colour according to your choice and at impact with focal blur.

5- You can mask your pictures with captions and overlay it with the text according to your preference in a variety of fonts.

These above mentioned are some of the top rated or most downloaded apps of 9Apps APK that you can download from this Store. If you like search apps and many other applications then first of all you are required to download 9Apps by clicking on the header or footer options and get it installed directly through APK..

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