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9Aps is a popular app store which is used by millions of people worldwide in order to download the top Android apps and games and this app store is sometimes referred as 9Aps but this is not the correct spelling of it. The app store has a tiny size package file which enables the users to download it in a blink of an eye and it also consumes very little space in there Android mobile phones so it will be convenient for the users to download it in the device concerned. Today 9Apps is not only one of the best application for Android to download unlimited apps, games ringtones etc but also a big platform to get all kind of multimedia content directly in the Android and that too, free of cost. There are many options which is provided in the app that makes this Store very convenient for the users to download anything that they like, with great ease such as the users are provided with the facility to find any wallpaper of ringtone with the help of the filters that are available, users can also search anything by category which allow them to quickly find for what they are looking for.

Now, let us have a look on some of the best aur top rated apps of 9App which you can download free of cost in your Android mobile phone-

  •  Go Keyboard-

It is one of the best and very popular keyboard app used by more than 200 million people across the world. It enables the users to make the typing fast, correct and cool with the help of several features and amazing personalized tools such as emoji keyboard, smiley emoji, stickers, different colourful themes, more than hundred fonts and much more.


Put a glance on some of the highlights of go keyboard app to understand it in a better way-

1- This amazing app that comes with great features and great collection of cool and funny emoji, emoticons and stickers is available in more than 60 languages and thousands of unique themes.

2- More than 800 emoticons, emoji and stickers are offered in the app and that’s too, free of cost i.e.. In order to use all these, you are not required to pay a single penny.

3- Over 10000 colourful themes are offered in the keyboard app for the users. Not only this, one can even use different and unique themes as every week new additions are delivered.

4- There is a unique and very useful feature offered in the app which is known as word correction which automatically recognise your mistake and correct mistyping to make your typing easy.

  • KK Browser-

It is a popular and very small sized browsing software available free of cost to the users of Android so they can enjoy the experience of web browsing and net surfing without any hassle and get the excellent browsing experience. Today this browser is a choice of more than 60 million users from all around the world as it offers the full fledged features of a browsing software in such a tiny package that can be downloaded in a blink of an eye and can also consumes very little space as compared to other browsers.

  • Flipps-

Flipps is a popular music, movies and news app with the help of which today people can easily watch movies, latest news, videos and much more directly in their Android mobile phone and browse more than hundred channels to get their favourite multimedia content anytime and anywhere on the move. Not only this, it also offers live events as well as offers are great collection of replace, backstage footage, documentaries, action movies etc on the demand of their users. Apart from this, there are many features which is offered in this app such as it is supportive of over 5000 TV models, with the help of touch screen gesture control the users can adjust the volume and playback according to their need by TV remote control, users can stream on any TV screen regardless of the place where you are, high video quality of this app allows the users to enjoy the experience of better and smooth video watching anytime and anywhere.

So these are the main or best apps that you can download from 9apps store and if you want to download any of the app or any other application from 9Apps store then first of all download it by clicking on the header or footer options directly through APK..

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