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9apps Google Play Store :

9apps play store is one of the most popular and widely used mini sized app store which consumes very little space of your device as well as enable the users to get it installed in a blink of an eye so they can save most of the time as well as efforts. With the help of this tiny size app store, today millions of people from all over the world can download their favourite apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and more without any hassle as it supports almost all the major operating systems and can easily work on even slow network connections. By downloading this app store, the users can discover and explore the top and best apps from its official website as it has something for everyone from where you can browse and install your favourite android app or game directly in your device to enjoy the same anytime and anywhere on the move.

Now take a look on the popular apps of 9apps play store so you may easily know about the top rated or best apps or games installed by the smartphone users which will definitely help you to select the most appropriate or useful app for you.

  • Super Backup-

Super backup is one of the widely used mobile app which is trusted by huge masses as with the help of this app, the users can easily and instantly take the backup of all the data is stored in their android device in order to save the same. With the help of this wonderful app and its stupendous or mind-blowing functions, you can get the benefits of saving or storing lots of things including contact list, SMS details, call history, other important data or information and much more.

In addition to this, this app is so popular because it has the features which you will never find in any other app. For instance, this apple silently work and perform all the multitasking activities for which it is capable and does not make any kind of noise so the users can use this app at any place without any trouble. It help the users to save their important files and data so you can stay tension free without worrying about the thing that all the important data is saved in your mobile phone and you may lose it if there is any virus or danger comes to your device.

Today many people use this app in order to safeguard the important information or data including the files and folders stored in their mobile phones as it enable the users schedule the automatic backup of the data so as to preserve the same.

  • CM Browser-

CM browser is the popular and extremely lightweight web browser which is used by millions of people all around the world in order to protect the device from different types of virus, threats and also to boost up the speed of web browsing and net surfing. With the help of this app, the users get a real time protection and can also accelerate the speed of browsing and surfing the net to a great extent even in the slow network connections. Not only this by switching to this app, the users can also create a safe list of apps which can be considered hundred percent reliable and safe.

There are many features offered by this browsing software, just put a glance-

  1. Pop up blocker is a unique feature which is very hard to find and enable the users to block opening multiple windows so as to block up the screen.
  2. Night mode feature is provided in the app so the registered users of this app can easily browse the web pages even in dark or at night.
  3. At the bottom of this browser, you will find a very small button which you can flip on and off so as to switch on and off the full screen mode.
  4. There are many beautiful animations available in this browser which is exclusively and excellently designed for the users of CM Browser.

So these are the apps you can download from 9apps play store but to get these or other apps installed in your mobile phone, you will have to download this tiny sized play store in your mobile phone and to do so, you need to click on the header or footer options of this site and download it directly from APK..

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