9apps Music Player Mp3 Songs Download For Android

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The official website of 9Apps provides Walkthrough for thousands of free as well as paid apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers to the registered users worldwide. From this app store, the users can install any of their favourite app in just a blink of an eye irrespective of the device they are using as this app store is compatible with almost all the major operating systems and consumes very little space of your device which enables the users to install the same in the device of less storage capacity.

In this content, we will discuss some of the best MP3 songs player apps which you can download from 9apps store-

  • GO music player-

It is a free Android music player app which comes with a unique design and in a very lightweight so the users who has device of low storage capacity can also download it in their device and enjoy their favourite music anytime and anywhere on the move. By switching to this app, the users can fulfill all their musical needs at one place.


Take a look on some of the points mentioned below to know the main features of GO music player app-

1- The registered users of this app can easily discover and find any music from YouTube SoundCloud music library.

2- The best part of this app is that it supports all the popular or major music file formats like MP3, AAC, Opus and more.

3- The users are even allowed to create or edit their playlist easily and instantly with custom playlists.

  • ┬áStorm MP3 Player-

It is a free and very amazing MP3 player app which is equipped with a variety of unique and superb features like 3D effect to make 3D sounds, compatibility with all types of audio players like MP3, WAV and more.


Following is the list which describe the key features of storm MP3 player, just have a look-

1- With the help of Audio Manager of this app, the users can create their own playlists, add songs to it, delete the song and so on.

2- To become more virtual, the users can switch to the virtualizer feature of this app. Not only this, with every update this app comes with new and unique visualizers as well.

3- Audio player supports total 5 band frequency namely pop, classic, rock and more and the users are allowed to use the equaliser according to their choice or need.

Above mentioned are some of the top rated music player apps which you can install in your device free of cost from 9apps store but to download these or other MP3 players in your device, you are first of all required to download this app store in your mobile phone by clicking on the header or footer options and get it installed directly through APK..

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