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Discover the best Keyboard Apps for your Android by downloading the 9app Store in your device and get a variety of third party keyboard apps that contain all sorts of features that you want to have in your keyboard app such as faster typing, colourful themes, multilingual typing, emojis, stickers etc and that too without paying anything. There are a variety of Keyboard Apps available in this app store that you can download as these keyboards are not only very useful but they also contains tons of interesting features.

Following are some of the main or top most keyboard apps that you can download in your mobile phone through 9Apps, just take a look-

Bobble keyboard-

It is one of the best and top ranked keyboard app that not only comes with great features but has everything that you love like speed, reliability, typing, voice recognition and much more in a beautiful and expressive manner. Bobble keyboard allows the users to have an interesting chat with your friends and family so that they can never get bored.

Let us know take a look on some of the key features of this app to have a better understanding-

1- This keyboard app uses the artificial intelligence Technology due to which it automatically product images, stickers, GIFs for your third party apps and make your chats faster and more expressive.

2- There is a huge collection of beautiful keyboard themes through which user can customised his Android keyboard according to his favourite or most desirable colour.

3- Voice typing feature is also enabled in the app so that user can dictate the text and it will type automatically and fastly.

4- A huge collection of emojis, emoticons, GIFs, stickers in the keyboard so that you can select and apply the perfect one in your conversation.

5- The advanced face recognition Technology helps the users to convert their selfie into a cartoon bobble head which is very unique feature offered in it.

SwiftKey keyboard-

SwiftKey keyboard is simply one of the best and very easy to use keyboard app that comes with great features such as all round predictive text and other smart features.

Today this app is installed by more than 250 million users worldwide because of its amazing and hassle free typing options. This is an outstanding keyboard app that you will ever have as it fulfill all the typing needs and tastes of people such as colours, designs, themes etc and that too in more than 150 languages.

It offers several features to the users including these noted below points, have a glance-

1- The autocorrect feature of this app correct the spelling mistakes which has been done by you due to typing in a hurry.

2- One can boost up his typing speed with a power predictions and connect with the people easily and instantly.

3- More than 70 colours, designs and themes available in the app to make a conversation more interesting and full of colours.

4- Bilingual auto correct option is available in more than 150 languages.

5- The best part of this keyboard app is it always learn your slang, nick names and phrases and uses the same at the time of need.

Google Indic Keyboard-

It is relatively new and very unique type of keyboard app that enables the users to type in their native language on their respective devices so that you can type messages, update on social networks and compose email and do much more in your regional language easily and instantly.

This app is today used by millions of people all around the world due to its amazing features, let’s have a look on some of them-

1- Different types of modes available in this app such as transliteration mode, native keyboard mode, handwriting mode, Hinglish mode.

2- There are several exciting and interesting things available and with every updated also added new themes to add more fun into the app.

3- It also supports gender emojis that is loved by millions of people.

4- Users are also provided with the option to change the default input method by selecting the choose input method in the notification area.

Go Keyboard-

Go keyboard is one of the best and most popular keyboard app available free of cost. It is a good name and reputation in the market when we talked about keyboard apps. It has several features that you will never find in any other keyboard app and that is the reason what makes a different and quiet unit from other keyboard applications that you have ever used and downloaded in your Android mobile phone.

1- Smart word correction feature is offered that recognise your voice typing and auto correct the same by recommending corrections in order to make a typing easy.

2- It has hundred beautiful fonts that you can used in your chat while talking to your near and dear ones.

3- Voice recognition feature is also enabled so that you can type whatever you speak.

4- With more than 10000 colourful themes that are completely compatible device are delivered weekly to add more fun to your chat.

5- It completely protects the privacy of users and never collect any Private data or information due to which it is considered as one of the most reliable keyboard app.

Above noted are some of the main or topmost Keyboard Apps that are available in the 9apps and you can download any of the preferred keyboard app from it for free. If you wants to install any of the above mentioned or any other keyboard app then firstly you are required to download it by clicking on the header or footer options so that it will be installed in your device from APK.

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