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Whatsapp is the one of the most famous social media app in today’s time. Whatsapp is the very useful app which is now making very one its fan. Every one of us really love to be on whatsapp and there is no smart phone user exist who do not have whatsapp in their phone.

WHATSAPP CALL– Whatsapp enable you to do calls on whatsapp number. You can do multiple calls with the help of whatsapp. It will take your very less data and gives you the best calling feature. Even in very low internet service you can be able to call any one. This will saves your mobile talk time balance.

WHATSAPP VIDEO CALLING– In 2016 whatsapp has also come with one step above feature which is whatsapp calling. Yes with help of this app you can also do video calling. Earlier only IMO and some other video calling apps are made the right to have video calling but today’s time whatsapp also have video calling which fails many other apps in this feature.

STATUS FEATURES– Whatsapp also have now status option which has allowance to upload your photo. You can easily be able to upload any photo or song like instagram. Now whatsapp has made it self so amazing that it is now mandatory to have whatsapp in your phone. It has made its importance in front of smart phone users.


So if you want to download whatsapp in your mobile and you want to get this app in very light storage taking then you have to just need to switch to 9apps. I am sure that you people already having whatsapp in your respective phones but if you are still on downloading path. I suggest you to just download whatsapp from 9apps. You will here get the most light weight of whatsapp. Just go to the site of 9apps which is www.9app.co.in Just go here and you will get the downloading option. First download 9apps in your phone and then search for whatsapp in its search option and then download whatsapp in your phone. Trust me you will see the difference between downloading whatsapp from 9apps and downloading whatsapp from any other

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