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19 Jun, 2020 admin No Comments

Technology has now made our life very easy. It has made very thing possible. If we see all around our self we will notice nothing will happening without technology. All the advance technology has made our life very beautiful and amazing. When we are writing something or doing something in our laptop or mobile then it is sometime very uneasy to transfer any thing or any file from one system to another. Bluetooth and USB are there to help you. But when you have to transfer something big file to one system to another then it is very uncomfortable to do this as it take lot of time to get transferred. So what is the solution of this problem? Can you guess? We need to find something which help us to get the file in our system from another system very easily and effectively. So what to do is that, You need to download one app in your phone which will help you to do the same. I had find one app which is very amazing and help full that is shareitĀ  . Shareit is the best file transferring app which helps you to transfer any thing you want. There is no limitation in this app. You can transfer any app, any song, any video , any file , any movies any thing you want to transfer you can do that with this app.

Now let me tell you that where will you are going to get shareit. You can download this app from 9apps. I know you must be knowing about this platform. This is the most easy way to get shareit in your mobile. You have to just need to go to the site of the 9apps which is www.9app.co.in You can search this site and then when you reach to the home page of the 9apps then you have to click on the download option which has been given to the home page of the site. After that you need to download and install this app in your phone. Then you can open it and you can search shareit in 9apps. Then you can download shareit from this amazing app name 9apps. Enjoy this amazing app in your phone and get all the benefits.

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