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Mobile9 is a popular app store which has millions of installed till date due to its amazing features as it enables the users to download their favourite app or games of their choice and preference from a variety of apps including wallpapers, ringtones, audio books and much more so you can enjoy the app you need the most directly in your device. The users of this store can download it in a blink of an eye directly from 9apps store and that too, free of cost. In this app store, you can get all the material of your need by just typing it in the search bar as everything is organised here in the categories. Not only the games and apps, but the users can also find the modified or updated versions of their favourite games which are also very appealing and enables you to enjoy and use the app to a great extent.

Now put a glance on some of the apps you can download from comprehensive app store mobile9-

  •  App lock- fingerprint-

This is an Smart AppLock app which is offered to the uses of Android free of cost and enables them to safegaurd or protect Android device by using a password or pattern and fingerprint. By switching to this app, the users can lock any of the installed app of the device like Facebook, WhatsApp, gallery, camera and more to prevent the app from being exposed by any third party. Not only this, this app also catch the intruders by clicking their photo and hide the fact that the app is locked.


Put a glance on some of the points noted below to understand its key features-

1- The registered users of this app can lock any of the app installed in their device with a password or pattern to protect their privacy.

2- This app automatically take a picture and send the same to your email whenever anyone access to open the app without your permission.

3- It also support a powerful lock with fingerprint sensor with the help of which you can unlock the app only with your fingerprint.

4- For each locked app, you can use different password as it supports multiple password option as well.

  •  VC Browser-

VC Browser is a simple, save and widely used high speed mobile browsing software which comes with several interesting and simple features that are very convenient to use and allow the users to browse the web and surf the net at a faster rate and that too, with your current data pack. The best part of this browser is that it is available in a very small size due to which it can be installed the person of less storage capacity device as it use very less memory consumption and also makes your browsing experience more comfortable and convenient.


Here are the main features of VC Browser app, just put a glance-

1- This browser comes in a very tiny size but still packed with great features and suitable for a variety of low memory phones.

2- With the help of AD blocking feature, you can easily access to pages without any interruption simultaneously web browsing websites.

3- Its best data usage Optimization Technology helps the users to save up to 80% data and this is why it is considered as one of the most efficient browsing software available in the market.

So these are some of the apps you can download from mobile9 is to download any other application or game from this app store then first of all, how to click on the header or footer options and download it directly through from 9apps APK free of cost..

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