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9apps is an app store which is sometimes wrongly spelled as 9aapp but it is nothing as the correct spelling is the former one and the latter one is just a misconception. It is basically a tool to download all the wallpapers, ringtones, apps, games and other multimedia content directly in your Android device and that too, free of cost. This app store comes in a very tiny package file size but still packed with great features and allows the users to amazing browsing experience and downloading their favourite apps and games. From this full-fledged App Store, the users can also in use different filters find the wallpaper of ringtones that they are looking for and even search any of their desired app by category to quickly find the same.

Below mentioned are some of the apps you can download from this store in your device, just have a look-

  • Bubble Shooter-

It is an interesting and very fun giving puzzle game in which the player is required to shoot the bubbles and get the highest possible score to pass the level and reach to the higher ones. There are different modes offered in the game which makes it more interesting and addictive. In the game play, all you have to do is just match three or more than three bubbles and pass the levels.This game download from 9apps .


Take a look on the point noted below to understand its key features-

  1. In the game, there are more than 500 funny and challenging levels which you need to pass to be the master of the game.
  2. Fluent shooting experience is required to play the game in a well way and proper strategies to pass the difficult levels.
  3. Match 3 or more than 3 Bubbles and get amazing rewards and prizes which will help you to solve the difficult levels.
  4. In the game you will find more than 50 types of sweet Candy Bubbles with different features.
  • Automatic Call Recorder-

It is a super useful app which is offered to the users of Android free of cost and enables them to record any incoming as well as outgoing call according to their choice. In addition to this, the users can also listen to the recording they want to and even share the same to anyone. All the calls you record in this app will automatically stored in the inbox and the users are even allowed to set the size of the inbox according to their preference.


Following are the main features of automatic call recorder, just put a glance-

  1. In this app, there are three default settings namely record everything, ignore everything and ignore contacts.
  2. The registered users of this app can also enable a call summary menu with options which immediately appear after ending up a call.
  3. The users can easily and instantly save any call which they find important in the saved calls folder and the recorded calls will automatically be deleted when new calls filled up the inbox.

Above mentioned are the apps you can from this 9apps fast download store but first of all, you have to download this app store directly from APK by clicking on the header or footer options..

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