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The correct spelling of 99apps is 9apps but sometimes due to some misunderstanding, it is referred with the former spelling but the latter one is the name given to the official site of mini sized app store, popularly known as 9apps. It is a mega app store offers a variety of apps in almost all the categories so the registered users can easily select their preferred category and choose your desired app to download in their concerned device. This Mini sized app store which is packed with great features allows the users to download and enjoy their favourite app in their device free of cost and enables them to get a variety of apps.

No just put a glance on some of the apps which you can download from here-

  • ┬áMessenger-

Messenger is a free Android app which is very popular and considered as one of the best way to send and receive messages in the fastest time to anyone and anywhere in the world and that too, without paying a single penny. With the help of this app, the registered users can in touch with their near and dear ones who are far away from them by sending and receiving text messages, images, videos, documents, GIFs and much more to share the special moments of their lives.


Following is the list which describes the main features of the app, just put a glance-

1- You can create groups with your friends, family or colleagues and stay in touch with them by sending and receiving messages at a single place and chat in a group.

2- With the help of chat heads feature, you can keep the conversation going and use the other apps simultaneously.

3- Free calling option is also given through which you can talk as long as you want with the people who are living in another countries and the best part is it is free of cost as it only uses the data.

4- To make your conversation more expressive, you can use stickers, emoji and much more which is offered in the app.

  • ┬áLost Temple Endless Run-

Lost Temple is a very interesting, challenging and hard to master endless running game in which the player is required to run and run adventurously in the jungle and avoid all the obstacles that comes along the way to reach the target and achieve the goal. In the game play, all you have to do is just help the hero who is running through the Jungle and temples and try to find out all the Treasures hidden in the jungle.


Following are the main features of Lost Temple Endless Run-

1- The player is required to collect as many coins as he can and explore all the troubles and obstacles that comes along the way.

2- To jump, slide, turn and tilt, you only need to swipe on the screen your device to play and move the position or direction of the runner.

3- One can even share the game and invite his friends and other contacts so they can also enjoy the game and experience the fun of real time racing.

So, these are the apps you can from 9apps fast download and other variety of apps are also available in the store. To download it now, just click on the header or footer options now and get it installed directly through APK..

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