Best application for college students

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There are many college-goers who find this phase of their life really tedious, difficult and demanding. Do you feel really tired and tedium about your college life? Do you think that manifold tasks making you feel sick and weary?

Well, what if you take help of technology to feel better about your college life? Certainly, you can look for the Best application for college students and make the most of these. You have no idea how android users are installing the finest applications for manifold tasks. Have a look at some of the applications below:


Smartphone’s and devices can be a two-sided sword. On the one hand, these can assist you in getting your goals quicker. But they can become a hurdle in your growth or simply become a distraction for you. Here, Enter Forest can help you. It is a free app that assists you in concentrating on absolutely important things in your life. These things can be a study session or lunch with your family. Forest permits you to keep your phone down by employing a specifically gamified timer. Here the idea is for every time you spend away from your device or smartphone, Forest is going to grow a seed. In case you break the rules, the plant is going to die. In case you do not, it would grow and you get points.  Ah, it might sound childlike to you but it is really effective and keeps you focussed.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft note-taking platform OneNote is the absolute digital notebook. You can comfortably manage the huge piles of notes from classes, manage these in subsections, and even share with your friends and peers. Apart from this, you can also import pictures and add footnotes to them with the built-in or default set of tools. In case you own a stylus, you can even doodle. Moreover, this platform even has a huge variety of other utilities apt for the needs of a student, including cross-platform sync, the capability to add web clippings, audio inputs if you like to import lecture recordings, and a lot more.  The best thing about this application is that it is free of cost and really rich in its nature.


Brainly is a student-concentrated question and answer platform. At this, you can pick the brains of strangers to solve your projects and homework. The procedure for submitting a fresh post is quite straightforward, though there can always be chances that somebody has already asked the same or similar question. All thanks to the active audience of this platform.

Anyhow, the utility of this platform does not end here. Also, there is an extensive and quick search option in case you would like to search for particular types of queries. You can have a chat with individual users to discuss a specific topic further or make friends with them for later. Certainly, this platform can give you more insight into your concepts and make you a better student.


Thus, it was just a glimpse of what you can get for your college life in the realm of android applications. Go ahead and check out the variety in applications at 9apps play store. All the applications from here would be of free of cost.