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All in one Bangla applications for your smartphone to communicate in Bengali with the help of 9Apps. The tools provide you both English to Bengali and vice versa translation, it also provide you bangla keyboards so that you can even write in Bengali. If you are not familiar with writing Bengali then you can only speech and it will record your voice and write in Bengali. This feature make this application a strong. You can easily talk in Bangla but when is come about writing Bengali then it’s quite difficult so most of the Bengali images such as Bangla typing tutorial or speech to notes Bangla so that they can speak and it will write in Bengali this tool is helpful for those person who used to communicate in their regional language.

The advantage of this applications are as follow:

  • The tools is easily available and installed in any operating system.
  • Tiny size but with strong traditional language communication.
  • Consumes less mobile battery and online data.
  • All social media support this rules to write in Bengali language like Facebook, and many more.
  • Do not need to configure your keywords simply you have to install this applications and it will configure as your second default keyboard.
  • You have options to convert English to Bangla and vice versa and also hindi to Bangla.
  • Single clicks to send your message in your WhatsApp, facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc. You only have to select the text and it will show you options to share.

9apps to download apps

If you like this application then you have to install it in your smartphone for that you need a third party app store in your mobile which is 9Apps. 9apps is the only application where you will get this Tools for free not worry this 9Apps considered almost all the applications and games for free. So first of all you need to install Linux in your smartphone after that you have to search Bangla apps it will show you search result of Apps related to Bangla, now you have to choose the applications and start installing it in your smartphone as soon as it will be finished the work you are ready to use the tool.

Is 9Apps safe to download applications and game?
Yes! 9Apps is a platform for app store where you can get all the applications and games download links for free.

What is the use of nine app store?
9Apps is a platform for all kinds of applications, games, wallpaper, themes, ringtones it is just like a Google Play Store or microsoft Store. The only difference is that all the applications in 9Apps are free to download.