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avg cleaner app, avg cleaner app downloadThe name of the app is very much an indication of the functionality of the app. The AVG cleaner app enhances the speed of the smart phone device by cleaning up all trash and unwanted files and bettering the performance of the phone battery. Not just does it give more storage space but this regular cleaning and monitoring helps in preserving the life of smartphone.

On a lighter vein, it can be said that, smartphone perhaps is the most overworked non – living object in the world. From morning to evening, it is put on constant work. Thereby, it is only natural to think of all means to shield the phone and increase its longevity.

There are multiple functions possible with this app and that too at the simple click of a button. The AVG cleaner deletes all the cache files in the device and at the same time, it has anti-virus functionality. It thereby protects the phone from any malware threats or any infectious files downloaded from the internet. By this constant cleaning and blocking activity, the AVG improves the game memory of the game speed of the smart phone device.

There is a lot of junk that gets accumulated on the smart phone since every user is browsing it for a bare minimum of 30 minutes in a day.  Not to speak of the mp3 files and videos that is downloaded to the device. In many cases, cookies are accepted. All this creates a cache memory of files so watched. Unknown to all, slowly the memory starts getting blocked. This app is the perfect antidote for such blockage issues.   Then of course, virus threat safeguard has to be there 24*7*365.

This is a free mobile app and it is compatible on all the platforms i.e. Android, IOS, Windows.

Features of the AVG app –

  1. The CPU cooling function detects the changes in the CPU heating and cools the phone temperature and keeps it under control. This is kept under control by shutting down those apps that generate additional temperature to the phone.
  2. This app is an app manager by itself. This means, it informs the user, the apps, that are currently working and those that need to de be deleted, so that additional space is generated. When required, it also moves certain apps to the SD card, so that space constraint is not there in the phone storage.
  3.  The AVG app also, does the function of cleaning up the call history of the phone and this creates more space in the phone storage. This is an unknown fact to many users – the constant phone calls morning till evening eats up some of the storage space in the phone. The app cleans up the space occupied by the call files and thereby creates more memory space.
  4. The boost feature helps to charge the phone battery faster and enhances the battery performance. This is done by shutting down compulsorily many of the unwanted apps.

Download from 9App –

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