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AVG cleaner app is a free mobile app used for boosting the speed of your device by cleaning the trash in your device ,deleting unwanted files and optimising the usage of the device battery. It is a all in one app that has a lot of things to do at one place. You can delete cache files very easily with the help of this app which can be done this easily using any other app that too just by a click, you need not do anything hustled you just need to click a button and delete all the cache files easily. This app also functions as a Anti-Virus for the device that keeps the unwanted viruses away from your device and if any such reach to our device then deleting it from our device very fastly. The app also helps in boosting the games speed, and also cleans the memory of the device. This app is available on android phone users and is really useful to them, there are a lot of files in our device that we do not use from a lot of time now and are of no use but no notice goes to them and they are just taking a lot of space in our phone, this apps notice goes even to those files also and it helps us a lot by cleaning them or can say by deleting them from our device and then a lot of space is created for us to use so that we can click new photos in our device or can make videos of any special occasions.

This is a free mobile app that has a lot of features to offer to its users which are being stated as follows-


Apps manager– it is a app manager and tells the users that what all apps are currently on which need to be closed, avg cleaner app, avg cleaner app downloadit also moves apps to SD card without any big process that gives a lot of free space in the device very easily.
CPU cooler– this feature helps in detecting the changes of the CPU of the phone and starts cooling the phones temperature by closing those apps instantly.
Cleans call history-there exists a feature also clears the phone memory through this by just cleaning all the call history of the device that is of no use and specially for the numbers on whom calls are either made or come again and again. This just takes a lot of space in our device and we even don’t fr to know that this is taking so much memory in our device but it does so this app helps us to clean that also.
Boost-this feature helps charge the phones battery faster and effectively, this feature also saves the device memory by closing the unwanted or unused apps etc this helps the phones speed and other things all boost that automatically boosts up your device also.
Delete browsing history– not only unwanted files etc but with the help of this app you can also delete all your browsing history, we do not know but this also takes a lot of space in our device storing about what things we have gone through but after deleting it a lot of memory in our device would be cleared so easily.

AVG cleaner app APK download link from 9apps-

This is a very essential app for all the people who want their devices to be very fast and hang-free , it is a must have app that every phone user must have in their phones due to its various features and accessibility but for that you must download it first from our APK download link now. It will just take a few minutes to get installed in your device and a few of your mega bytes but is going to solve a lot of problems of your device you can also call it as the doctor of your device so don’t think so much and download it now from our APK download link now..