Applock install download free APK app for android from 9apps – 2017

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AppLock apk app install download from 9apps :

AppLock is a very interesting, beneficial and worthful app for plenty of users Worldwide. This app protects your Android device from all privacy incurred in it. Through this Applock the user can guide and protect WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Skype apps. This app has greater access to all Android devices and it is very lite, easy and quick. This app was developed by DoMobile Lab. Thus, App Lock is exclusively free and the best application to incur a lock to any App on your mobile devices. It is very useful and best used when the mobile device is handed over to children, friends or colleagues. With the locking of App Lock, user can limit the risk of spying and data copying upto zero percent. App Lock is also incurred with locking Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and many others. Hence, it enables and prevents inaccessible by providing privacy and ensuring security to the various mobile devices. It also allows you to lock other people out of individual apps.

This program also grants access to lock apps that have been incurred along with the device as well as the apps that got downloaded from the other parties such as third-party vendor. Through this app, you granted access to choose the pattern lock or numerical lock as long as the device is kept under 16 characters. AppLock is providing access of hiding pictures and videos. Thus, all the pictures and videos hidden from the gallery disappear. And can only be accessed on photo and video vault. Hence, you can protect private memories very easily without any pin. Such kind of an App is very found in 9 Apps web store and can be installed without incurring a single penny on it as it is extremely free of cost. Moving further, as per the customer reviews about this app, it is extremely a superb app and very much applicable by plenty of user worldwide.


Have a glance at the below assigned features of App Lock for further use

  • Through this app, you can choose either choose PIN or Pattern Lock
  • By answering security questions, you can click on Forgot Password option
  •  In your device, you can lock any app or even more than one app with just a single tap
  • Based on time variations, locking option can be used on any app or more than one app
  • On weekly basis, the lock can be done on any app or more than one app in the same way too


Finally, after having a look at the above mentioned features of this app, users will be glad in incurring this app on their device in order to gain privacy and security. So to gain complete access of this app, move on to 9apps store and install without any doubts and protect your device with safety measures.