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App lock- fingerprint is a popular Android app and is a choice of millions of people around the world as it enables the users to smarty lock the apps and give complete protection and privacy to the users with password and fingerprint lock. This amazing app is available free of cost for the uses of Android and can be downloaded easily in just a single click from 9apps store which offers a variety of apps to the users. This smart app lock protector help its registered users to lock and protect all their Private data by locking the apps using a password or pattern and Applock- fingerprint app download install APKfingerprint. Not only this, there are many unique and rare features offered in this app which make this app different from other apps and this is the reason why people prefer it more than any other App Lock. One of the unique feature is this smart AppLock easily identify the intruders by taking a picture of them which will help you to catch that person who wants to unlock your apps without your permission.

Following are the main features of App lock, just take a look in order to understand it in a better way-

1- The users are allowed to lock any of the app which is installed in their device with a password or pattern to give it a complete protection.

2- Fake lock is another unique feature which enables you to lock the app with fake error window in order to confuse others.

3- With the help of fingerprint sensor, the users can lock the apps as well as the device so no one can unlock your Apps without your presence.

4- If you want to catch intruders those who always wanted to leak your Private data and wants to prevent them accessing your App then there is a feature through which you can get an email of the picture with the person who uses your phone without your permission.

5- There is an smart lock feature so that the users can lock the apps only for a specific time and auto unlock when connected to a particular Bluetooth or WiFi.

6- The users of this app and even allowed to set multiple passwords for each app locked by them in order to give more protection.

App lock- fingerprint app APK download from 9apps –

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