Antivirus Security Lite free download APK app

Antivirus Security Lite free download APK app
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Antivirus Security Lite free download APK appAntivirus Security Lite is one of the most powerful and very beneficial app fully applicable on all Android devices acquiring the supporting version of about 4.0 and above.  And thus this app provides 100% of assured protection and is a must app for all the phone devices. This app occupies lower consumption and incurred with very smallest usage of memory specially provided for devices which are attaining the access of memory which is less than 1GB. It is the quickest provider, engaged in other activity and crops up with windows and spam ads and avoids them from being attacked by viruses and malware. Thus, after attaining the installation procedure you can be delightful with the internet of world of travel, and attain the super most experience of browsing the web and also incline in assuming the shopping experience through this app. A user can also have the access of attaining complete access of keeping the device safe and providing utmost security in it. The app is initiated by MobiDev Studio, listed under the category of Tools Apps. The download version of this app is of about 2.5.4.

Antivirus Engine is an utmost superb engine incurring with various genetic factors of providing complete protection to all the devices of Android and blocking or avoiding all of the spam or viruses being attacked. This app is fully inclined to the cloud services of anti-virus, whereby the virus needs to cling to the network and if there is no sufficient network in that area, then the anti-virus cannot be attained. This app is one of the most popular number 1 Antivirus Engine, very well trusted by 500 millions of users worldwide. So, for furthermore, assistance, we need to have a look at the below mentioned features present in them.


Below mentioned are some of the unique features of this app, just check them out

  1. Very Well Scanning Process: This app does an ultimate screening process by testing the mobile device and provides you with an utmost sense of security in it
  2. Clean Memory: A useless memory gets very well cleared up incurring with the applications of background to make your phone work smoother.
  3. Lock System: This app provides you complete access of Locking facility so that it cannot be accessed by others in the applications, assured with complete privacy and many more
  4. Photo vault: All your secret photos can be safely incurred in the safest corner and need not worry of it
  5. Well Maintenance of Battery: Monitors the status of battery very well and sets up a reminder when the battery is low.


Antivirus Engine is a very good and cool app and all users of Android should need to have this app on their device in order to gain complete protection and security while using the device. So to attain the access of this app on your device simply click on the app store of 9apps through the file of APK and get the direct installation done without any worries and attain its full benefits to the full extent.