Android Lollipop open source Android mobile operating system

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Google is having the latest version of Rolling out with the final version of Android lollipop it appears on the latest update of Nexus 6 and other devices of Google like Nexus 9 .it is a new Nexus device. The Android lollipop covers the new features which are major and minor and build on an Operating System with the settings of lollipop devices, you have new options for Bluetooth they are also transferring data into your Google account details.

There are also flashlight apps which have become one of the most popular on Android, therefore, Google has rolled out the lollipop downloading notifications and revealing the flashlight light in an  airplane mode.

Blocking the app and deactivating the mode and the lock screen is easy to use. You can also swipe and dismiss your settings sound and notification as it is relevant to the app. There are also facilities on your device that you can pin them inside a single app if you want to hand over your device to someone else,  you can activate the multitasking screen an overview the pin on the lower right-hand  if you want to use the patterns of unlocking the device.

The lock screen has been a major disadvantage in the lollipop update. It has the ability to see the time which is left over in the battery, the battery icon is shown in the notification and connecting to the device with the power source there are quick ways of finding options which are particular, it is a trusted device enabling the Bluetooth and other gadgets for automatically disabling the security code or better with the Android Phone or Tablet, the Android device lollipop has unlocking system which is very easy and Secure and can be  used  at home or while driving.

In any of the Android device this if you reboot your device then recently opened apps might  disappear but in lollipop overview screen you can get back all the previous conversation of your website and it remains with all your contact details ,and upgrading the tremendous Google development. The android devise has a lot of surprising and hidden features storing and integrated functionalities and enhancements utilizing the admiration of these development of Android Lollipop. You can update this app from 9apps which is very easy safe and Secure.