Download Amazon App Free APK for Android mobile

Download Amazon App Free APK for Android mobile
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Amazon is an American e-commerce company that deals in online shopping, web hosting and content distribution. This US based company was founded 21 years ago in 1994, july 5 in Seattle, Washington, United States and the same was its headquarters. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos who is also Chairman, President and CEO of Amazon. Today, Amazon offers its services worldwide with total assets of 65.444 billion US dollars and net income of 596 million US dollars in 2015. Its original or official US web site is
The company was incorporated as Cadabra in its initial stage by the founder Jeff Bezos but he changed the name of the company as Amazon a year later in 1995. It is the leading online retailer that dealer in electronic products and cloud hosting services.

Amazon Features-

Amazon has many features due to which people like to buy the products online by its site and not the other websites. Every single feature of is designed with a view to optimized for better performance. Lets discuss the salient features of this widely used and praised e-commerce company-
The very first feature of Amazon is its large product catalog i.e.. user can find and get almost every desired product on its site like books, games, clothes, watches, shoes etc, next is a feature in which people give product suggestion in which they are interested, Product reviews by customers helps people make decisions that makes easier and simpler for people to select a particular product etc.

Portfolio and summary of company-

The average market capitalization for is 96.84bn with an average of 4,035,050 shares that were traded in the New York stock market. 52weeks rage for per share is 166.97 – 246.71. Now comes to the summary,
Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of the company is Jeff Bezoso in the year 1994 i.e.. 21 years from now and the regions served by the company is worldwide, Headquarter in Seattle, Washington, US, Luxembourg (European Headquarter) and Miami, Florida.
The main or official website of company is that contains every valuable detail regarding the company and the products.

Business overview of company-

Among several online seller companies, Amazon provides the best variety of heterogeneous product line. It is residing in Seattle and having a customer pool in all the fifty states of US and other 160 countries. The product offering books, CD, DVDs computer hardware software, electronics, home based products and many more that are available for the customers online. Company seeks to persue the vision of being the customer centered company and to build a place where people can find and discover anything. It is a healthy brand reputation as it stands one of the greatest among the best brands. Amazon believes that innovation is the force to bring change in the world so it constantly innovate to attract its widely scattered worldwide customers, to enhance their merchandise, to stimulate the developers creation and boosting the creative capability of their product creators. Apart from product offerings the variety of services proposed by company that assisted to generate healthy revenues.
Amazon is chasing its competitive edge and creating value through customer relationship management techniques engrossing customers and enhancing their brand image along with financial being.

Largest online superstore-

The company has experience exceptional growth to a massive online superstore with recent sales of 1.64 billion dollar in 1999, an increase of 270 percent from the sale of prior year. In order to expand the position of company it has identified very impressive marketing strategy to broaden the companies target market and to won the confidence of its customers.

How to download Amazon app-

If you want to install the amazing app in your device to shop in a comfort zone online than you can download it through our web site APK from the header and footer options available. The downloading process is very easy and simple which does not contain any hard and fast rule. Let us explain you how to download the app by APK, the only thing you are required to do is just click on the apk file by using your respective internet browser and by clicking, you’ll find the file started to download then open the file and install the app. The app has undergo with several updates after regular intervals of time and updated the version by adding new features and by ameliorating or improvising existing features to make the shopping more easier, comfortable and convenient for its millions of user all round the world.

Reviews of app-

The app is really amazing and so the reviews are. People just love and enjoy shopping with Amazon that makes their lives so easier and saves lot of their time and effort. The discount and big sales is the major point which attracts its many users and make them to shop only with Amazon.
It is a nice online shopping app which offers fast delivery, good quality or branded products, affordable prices, offers, easy return or exchange etc. The user friendly app has an stupendous option to search or filter the results so that people can conveniently shop without any sort of hurdle and that’s why the app is regarded as one of the most trusted online shopping app and also the most reliable one.