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Adobe  AIR   (adobe  integrated  runtime)  is  a  cross  platform  runtime  system  developed  by  adobe  systems  for  building  desktop  applications  and  mobile  applications .It  is  available  to  download  in  android  ,windows  and  ios .AIR  can  be  used  to  access  the  full  adobe  flash  functionality  , including   text  , vector  graphics  ,raster  graphics  ,video  ,audio  ,camera  and  microphone  capability .It  enables  the  developers  to  package the  same  code  into  native  applications  and  games .It is  one  of   the  most  powerful  runtime  environments  , with  over  100  million  installations  on  devices  across  the   globe .


  • Adobe AIR  technology  can  be  used  by  developers  around  the  world  to  create  some  of  the  most  Adobe  AIR   (adobe  integrated  runtime)  is  a  cross  platform  runtime  system  developed  by  adobe  systems  for  building  desktop  applications  and  mobile  applications .It  is  available  to  download  in  android  ,windows  and  ios .AIR  can  be  used  to  access  the  full  adobe  flash  functionality  , including   text  , vector  graphics  ,raster  graphics  ,video  ,audio  ,camera  and  microphone  capability .It  enables  the  developers  to  package the  same  code  into  native  applications  and  games .It is  one  of   the  most  powerful  runtime  environments  , with  over  100  million  installations  on  devices  across  the   globe . FEATURES  OF  ADOBE  AIR – •	Adobe  AIR  technology  can  be  used  by  developers  around  the  world  to  create  some  of  the  most  stunning  apps  and  mobile  games . •	You  can  create  high  performance  , most  responsive  games  and  content  using  ActionScript   workers  and  shared  byte  array  support . •	You  can  also  share  memory  and  leverage  machine  resources  by  offloading  tasks  to  background  workers  that  run  concurrently . •	You  can  use  adobe  AIR  to  access  your  games  from  a  single  application  and  discover  new  and  interesting  ones . •	The  user  can  keep  a  tab  on  games  which  are  gaining  popularity  in  the  time  with  gamers  across  the  world .You  can  view  description  of  games  and  get  to  appreciate  the   best . •	You  can  get  a  quick  view  of  all  the  games  you  have  played  and  revisit  your  favorites  when  you  want .You  can  use  the  search  functionality  to  find  exciting  and  trending  games  in  the  world  of  gaming . •	Adobe  AIR  gives  developers  the   ability  to  call  into  their  native  ,platform – specific  code  using  AIR  native   extensions . •	Adobe  air  can  engage  viewers   with   optimized   and  adaptive  bit  rate  video  streaming  as  well  as  an  extensive  feature  set  . It  supports  for  streaming  standard  such  as  HDS  ,RTMP    and  progressive  video  allows  video  content  to  be  delivered  efficiently  and  flexibly  across  various  networks   and   CDN  configurations .  •	You  can  explore  a  new  architecture  for  high  performance    2D /3D  GPU  hardware  accelerated  graphics   rendering  by  Adobe  , which  provides  low  level  stage 3D  APIs  for  advanced  rendering  in  apps . •	It  delivers  smoother  animations  and  interactivity  using   enhanced  high  resolution  bitmap  support  ,bitmap  caching and  asynchronous  bitmap    decoding . •	You  can  develop  high  performance  apps  as  it  delivers  high  performance  apps  through  the  use  of  LZMA  compression  APIs  ,a  garbage  collection  API  ,texture  compression  support  for  stage  3D  and  more .stunning  apps  and  mobile  games .
  • You can  create  high  performance  , most  responsive  games  and  content  using  ActionScript   workers  and  shared  byte  array  support .
  • You can  also  share  memory  and  leverage  machine  resources  by  offloading  tasks  to  background  workers  that  run  concurrently .
  • You can  use  adobe  AIR  to  access  your  games  from  a  single  application  and  discover  new  and  interesting  ones .
  • The user  can  keep  a  tab  on  games  which  are  gaining  popularity  in  the  time  with  gamers  across  the  world .You  can  view  description  of  games  and  get  to  appreciate  the   best .
  • You can  get  a  quick  view  of  all  the  games  you  have  played  and  revisit  your  favorites  when  you  want .You  can  use  the  search  functionality  to  find  exciting  and  trending  games  in  the  world  of  gaming .
  • Adobe AIR  gives  developers  the   ability  to  call  into  their  native  ,platform – specific  code  using  AIR  native   extensions .
  • Adobe air  can  engage  viewers   with   optimized   and  adaptive  bit  rate  video  streaming  as  well  as  an  extensive  feature  set  . It  supports  for  streaming  standard  such  as  HDS  ,RTMP    and  progressive  video  allows  video  content  to  be  delivered  efficiently  and  flexibly  across  various  networks   and   CDN  configurations .
  • You can  explore  a  new  architecture  for  high  performance    2D /3D  GPU  hardware  accelerated  graphics   rendering  by  Adobe  , which  provides  low  level  stage 3D  APIs  for  advanced  rendering  in  apps .
  • It delivers  smoother  animations  and  interactivity  using   enhanced  high  resolution  bitmap  support  ,bitmap  caching and  asynchronous  bitmap    decoding .
  • You can  develop  high  performance  apps  as  it  delivers  high  performance  apps  through  the  use  of  LZMA  compression  APIs  ,a  garbage  collection  API  ,texture  compression  support  for  stage  3D  and  more .

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