9Apps is the digital online brand name introduced by Alibaba mobile business group, founded in the year 2013 and launched in March 2014,
covering almost more than 100 countries, 200 million active users and has more than 26 million daily app and games download.

9apps store

A smart app for the smart generation where a user-friendly and integrated with latest technology to fulfill the users demand.
Some of the few countries were 9Apps has evolved and expanded their business including, India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Middle East region and many more.

Achievements : 9Apps has consistently being into achieving new goals and acquiring markets and being consistent in matching market standards, below mention is brand achievements:

1) By the month March 2016, 9Apps has successfully registered 200 million user

2) By the month February 2016, 9Apps had reached its 1 million Facebook fan.

3) By the month of January 2019, it has reached almost all country.

The above description about the brand achievement clearly states that 9Apps has been successful in achieving its mission so far.

9Apps can be stated as one stop shop for millions of app and games where users can download any app or any game without registering to the website. Also 9Apps gives several options to the user like comments before or after download of any app or game, which really keep the others user updated about the same. Also users can give ratings to a particular app based on their experience and share with others.

The site has being designed in such a way that its user friendly and also easy access to users choice of app and game.

The site is divided into several section starting from a highlighted section were user can select the categories of his/her choice. To name few categories on 9Apps : Tools / Entertainment / Social / Media & Video/ Communication / Photography etc.

The next section is “Hot Searches” which gives an easy access to the user to understand the market trend, as to what are the favorite searches made by majority of users of 9Apps.

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