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Download shareit the best sharing apps to share your documents, movies, videos, music, wallpaper, image and many more in just a single click the apps is available in 9Apps Store. Not only this even you can share your applications and games with the help of this software. Shareit stable or connection protocol between two device which is faster than bluetooth and even NFC. Previously we use bluetooth or USB to transfer files from one device to another device but the problem was that the speed of bluetooth is quite slow and even if the device contain any Malware or malicious data it also transfer to the other device. Transferring files with the help of bluetooth was not secure because sometime it may be hacked by other software programmer due to their own purpose. Sometime it get corrupted so we have to again stabilize the correction and then transfer the file so it takes lot of time with the help of this technology. But in case of share it you don’t need to worry about Malware because the application is so Robot that whenever I transfer any file to another file it scan the file and if it is OK then it provide a download process.

Features of shareit: Fastest transfer: Account transfer very fastly as compared to Bluetooth and highest speed of share it is 20m per second. Data encryption and decryption so that you don’t need to worry about Data loss while transferring from one medium to another medium.

All types of file support:Shareit support all types of File transfer which include games, Photos, videos, music, images, installed apps and other internet files.

Shareit has inbuilt multimedia player so that you can watch HD and download and transfer any playlist with the help of this application it can also provide you high quality songs and thousands of movies and videos.

How to install it in Android mobile?

To install shareit in your smart smartphone you need to download the files with the help of nine app store after that when you install you have to enable third party resource so that I can easily install in your Android phone. Share it needs permissions to access your phone you have to allow the permission so that it can complete your installation process in your mobile.

Is shareit application is safe for use?
Yes share it is an application which are recommended by most of the users and even IT team also use this applications to transfer the files so it’s completely safe to use.

9Apps store provide old shareit versions from old to latest if you want applications for your smartphone then you have to visit to share it mobile version and if you Like for PC or laptop by sun then you have to choose PC version of shareit.