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App Name 9Apps
Platform Native apps/ Hybrid apps
File size 2.7MB
Developer 9Apps
For users India
Downloads 10,00,00,000

9app is a hybrid app platform where all the applications for different iOS are present like iOS, android, windows phone.  Not only this 9Apps also contain following apps:

Native apps: This type of application work on single operating system means that if this applications are made for Android that it will work only on Android mobile phone and if it is made for Windows phone then it will work for Windows phone only and so on mostly this type of applications are developed by small company for their Limited products. As they have low budget so they basically make this type of application for a single platform.

It doesn’t mean that this applications are of low quality although it worked for one platform it’s quite good as it work very fastly on that platform as compared to multi operating system support because they are made for a single platform so they required few space in mobile with very fast work.

Hybrid apps: Habitats are widely used as they are used for multiple operating system for example suppose that we have developed and applications who can work for Android operating system, windows operating system, iOS operating system at starting it will cost high but when it develop it will give a very good advantage as you don’t need to maintain multiple performed apps this single apps can work on all the mobile.

9Apps is the only application where you can get all the above application so that you have your own choice that which applications do you want to download online for your smartphone.

Why use 9Apps online?

9Apps online provide you native application, hybrid application and web application means at one you have lots of option.

Benefits of 9Apps online:-

  • Code portability: Manage provide a platform for developer where they can use their application code in all modes.
  • User interface: It is highly familiar and with great user interface for all operating system.
  • Maintenance / update: The codebase of 9Apps are made for multiple support so it required low maintenance and easily available for all updates.

Categories of apps by 9Apps

9Apps categories 10 apps which include games,, business,  education, lifestyle, entertainment, utilities, travel, books, health and fitness, food and drinks. After that there are sub categories in each category so that you can easily navigate minus online and find what applications you are looking for.

9Apps Install: To know the process of how to install 9Apps in your mobile or laptop you have to follow the step guideline provided in 9Apps Store.

9Apps download: This applications is available on almost all store and you have options to download from official site of 9Apps.

9apps 2019 : Some of the updates which are made in 2019 are now available in category of 2019 so you have to visit the app store and start downloading updates.