9Apps messaging apps

9Apps messaging apps
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9Apps messaging apps :

Download the best messaging apps from 9App as it is the best app store that offers the wide range of distinct apps for free. Users can not only download their favourite messaging app through this app store but also get the latest version and by downloading the same, you can stay connected with your near and dear ones who are living far away from you.9Apps messaging apps
Following are some of the topmost or best communication apps that you can download from 9Apps, just take a look-


It is a popular messaging app that mainly focus on speed, reliability and security. Today this app is used by millions of people all around the world as it is a safe, secure, fast and trustworthy messaging app that connects people via unique, distributed network of data centres across the globe.
Is considered as one of the fastest messaging app in the market that offers many exciting features to the users-
1- Users are provided with the facility to send unlimited media and files without any restriction or limit. In addition to this, all the chats will be secured is stored in the Telegram cloud for the period you want to store it.
2- As the messages from this app are completely synced, you can start typing on one device and finish the same on the other without losing your data which is one of the big advantage of this app.
3- You can make group for up to 5000 members and can even share large files, documents, videos etc. It is really a perfect tool for hosting online Communities in order to co-ordinate the team work and enhance the functionality.
4- Telegram is the reliable messaging app that has ever made and it proves its reliability with its working as it can be operated even on the weakest Internet connections.
5- Users can edit photos and videos from this app and can send and receive is stickers, GIF etc in order to make your chat more expressive.

Signal private messenger-

It is one of the popular and very easy to use free messaging app that enables the users to send and receive text messages, photos, stickers, group messages etc. With the help of this amazing application, today millions of users are connecting with their friends and family anytime and anywhere on the go and share media, attachments, documents etc with complete privacy and security without any hurdles and delay.
Some of the main features of signal private Messenger are-
1- It uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol that provides complete privacy to the users.
2- You can you speak freely as its crystal clear phone calls gives the good voice quality when you are calling to those persons who are living away from you and that too without any long distance charges.
3- Its protocols are exclusively designed in order to operate in the most constraint environment so that it will be easy for the users to chat with their friends and family.
4- It allows the users to create groups and chat in a group by assessing to any group metadata such as the membership list, group title, group icon etc.

Textra SMS-

Textra SMS is a beautiful, superfast, highly customisable and very unique messaging app offered to the users free of cost and today it has more than millions of people around the world due to its amazing and rare features that you will never find in any other App. It comes with many great features including more than hundred material design themes, bubble and app icon colours, dark, light and auto night modes, 6 bubble styles etc.
Let us now discuss some of its main or key features to understand it in a better way-
1- It has more than 2000 Android, Twitter, emoji one style images available so that you can choose your preferred one.
2- With the recent update, developers have added pure black theme option in it.
3- All the features of this app are completely free of cost. However, there are some in app purchases that can be done from real money but users are provided with the option to disable them.
4-Now, it is supportive of dual sim devices for Android 5.1 and above for both SMS as well as MMS.
5- Copy partial text is a unique feature which is available inside a bubble and the user is required to just click on the bubble to check it out this amazing feature.

Verizon messages-

Verizon messages is another very popular and useful messaging application that you can download in your Android device free of cost as it enables the users to stay connected by using the devices and it also keep the conversation going even when you are switching between different devices as it is completely synced across different devices.
Today it is considered as one of the best way to send and receive text messages, photos, videos, gift cards and much more to your friends and family who are living far away from you.  Installing this amazing app on your device for free, users are now able to create a group chat with up to 250 people and talk to them at the same point of time. Users can also personalize their chat experience with several exciting features.
Its unique Yelp integration feature helps you to search for your nearby or any particular location restaurants, entertainment and directions. One can even easily and instantly make plans and share the details over the chat to their friends. Its new Canvas updates in ables the users to create and send custom gifs. In addition to this, users are allowed to edit photos with stickers, Doodles, text etc. You can also share your location with the people whom you choose for the length of time you set so that your near and dear ones know where you are at a particular point of time.
Its driving mode feature helps the users to Auto reply to a message and disable incoming messages so that you may not get distracted on the road.
This app also has HD voice and video calling option through which you can Link your respective mobile number to the Verizon message app and receive calls anytime and anywhere on any network.
About mention some of the main or top most messaging Apps that you can download from 9Apps. However there are many other apps that you can download from the store according to your choice or reference but first of all you are required to click on the header or footer options to get this stupendous app store in your device directly through APK.