9apps latest version – V for android download

9apps is one of the most widely used store in the world. It helps in searching the various application that we want to install and use. The features of 9apps are as follows.

Version Size Version Size 3.51MB 1.55MB 3.36MB 1.33MB 3.2MB 1.29MB 2.95MB (38) 1.19MB 3.03MB V2.0.2 1.01MB 2.57MB 2.41MB 2.03MB 1.99MB

9apps – download lates version

  • UPDATE YOUR APP STORE BY YOURSELF: One can update the application store by themselves and keep in touch with the latest development of the folders and application they provide momentum to the growth of one self.
  • PARENTAL CONTROL :For  kids we can check the facility of parental control and restrict them to get what they understand  at their age by availing the locking facility.
  • PREVENT OTHER PEOPLE FROM BUYING APP :We can prevent to purchase  the application from children’s mistake  or any unknown activity. It helps in getting an undue burden and tension free environment.
  • INSTALL APPS DIRECTLY FROM COMPUTER :We can install application from computer by clicking on the application. It is fast and convenient and good as far as 9apps is concerned.
  • RATING AND GOODWILL PITCHING :One can get the rating for the application and choose what is good for the user. It has a great user interface which helps in decent report with the market scenario
  • REGION RESTRICTED CODE :Users can restrict the region where to use the application and help in getting the country specific code they are termed as VPN
  • LISTS CHECKING :The people searching for the lists of the downloaded applications can easily check the details in their smartphone and its as per the settings of the mobile phones.
  • MANAGE CONNECTED DEVICES :We can check the connected device status and manage them easily by the various application connectivity android features.