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Free 9apps download games – unlimited games install from 9apps store

9Apps is a popular mobile app store developed and designed by the Alibaba mobile business group, a China based company. This amazing and leading app that comes in a very small package file size allows the users from all over the world to download apps and games without any sort of distraction or hurdles. It is a stupendous app that supports all type of Android Smartphones and laptops and is compatible with almost every major operating system. Also, this app do not require large amount of free space in your device because it consumes very less storage capacity and can be downloaded in device of lower specs. It also takes up very little data and works in an efficient and effective manner even if you are running low on storage.
9Apps is also considered to be the best alternative or substitute for Google Play Store because of its mini size and amazing and superb features. It has all those applications that you may find in Google Play Store. In addition to this, there are several paid, unpaid, top grossing apps other than it that you may find interesting and wish to download in your mobile phone. Plenty of apps are there in the 9Apps that you can download in your device for free along with paid applications of your choice.
9App store is just not only a simple store that provides you your favourite and desirable apps but it also provide you the best app for you by giving you several recommendations time to time.
From 9Apps, you will get all the apps that are the market and that you will not find somewhere else. You can even get most awesome games in this application for free.

9apps games app download

9apps games app download

Let us know take a look on some of the best or top 8 games that are downloaded by millions of people from here..

Dr Driving-

It is a popular game app and is one of the biggest mobile driving simulation of all time. With the introduction of this amazing driving racing game that comes with the stunning, challenging multi stage levels and real time online multiplayer, one can enjoy it to the fullest. The game is so addictive that you will surely love it and that’s the reason why so many people download it in their device. This game is real time online multiplayer game app and you can download it from here itself through APK to enjoy the real time experience of driving in your device.

Super Mario Run-

This is another very interesting and addictive game app offered by 9Apps. In the game play, you are only required to tap in order to control the Mario as he runs forward consistently. You need to pull of stylish jumps, midair spins and wall jumps to collect more and more coins and reach the goal. The game is free of cost in you can download it without paying anything as there are no additional payment required to play it.

Flight simulator-

Flight Simulator is an awesome 3D game that gives you the chance to become the pilot and fly your commercial jet to let it reach to the destination. In the game play, you need to guide and steer your plane like a real pilot through all the way points in order to ensure the head at the correct destination in due time. You are also required to get your plane towards the runway and parks within the marked zone to complete the level. As a pilot, you have to pay due attention while parking your plane and be very careful to avoid the buses, helicopters etc to parked along the runway.

Super Metro Train Simulator 3D-

It is the fantastic Android game app for the lovers of train games as in this game you can showcase your discussed by driving the train with full of joy and thrill. This game brings you a golden opportunity to become a fantastic train engine driver and by doing so, you can have a realistic control on your fingertips. You need to pass all the hurdles or obstacles that comes along your way and run your train like a bullet. The 3D graphics after game let you enjoy a real time stunning experience and you can continue your joy forever because the game has end number of levels. Then select different types of train engines and stations also according to your choice of preferences as these engines have different speed and you can choose the same according to your need.

Temple Mystery Rush-

It is one of the most downloaded game from 9Apps because it has a top game quality along with 3D game scenes, professional music and sound effects, smooth game control and much more. It gets updated time to time and offers the use of real time new challenges by adding well designed new levels. The control of this very addictive adventure game is very simple as you can control it by just tilt your phone to control the characters move and the player is also need to escape different dangers and obstacles because there is a giant monster behind you that can eat everything.

Subway Surfers-

In this amazing and very very interesting game the player is need to help Jake, and let him move as fast as possible by using tricks and speed boosters so that no one can beat him. The colourful and high-definition graphics make the game very much interesting. In addition to it, it has Grind trains with cool crew, lightning fast swipe acrobatics, paint powered Jetpack, hoverboard surfing etc.

Candy Crush Saga-

Candy Crush Saga is a match 3 candy puzzle game app in which the player can travel through magical lands, visit tourist places and meet deliciously kooky characters. In the game play, you need to switch and match your way through hundreds of funny and interesting levels endlessly as the game is getting sweeter and tastier with every level. You can even compete with your friends and compare your scores with them on the leaderboards. There are plenty of levels available in the game with different themes like target score , timed levels, dropdown mode, order mode etc. You need to collect sugar drops after each level to progress along the sugar track for super sweet and tasty surprises. Also, you can spend the daily booster wheel in order to get the amazing prize everyday.

Motu Patlu Run-

Motu Patlu Run is the racing game of Motu and Patlu that comes with HD graphics and extremely funny characters who are trying to give their best in order to attain or achieve are predefined goal. Use of Motu and Patlu are very much funny and give a real time joy to not only children’s but everyone who is playing the game. The levels of this game and especially designed by keeping in view the younger as well as elder players. The game of Motu and Patlu is downloaded from 9Apps by millions of people as it gives a tremendous experience of racing to the players and it let them enjoy and makes them happy.
If you wish to get and install applications for better support and gaining merits without paying anything in return then you should switch to this leading application that have immense numbers of activity is developed by professionals and continuously supported by a good or expert team.

www.9app.co.in is the best site from where you can download this amazing application because it is free from Malware, trojans as there are sites from where you can download 9Apps but due to Malware virus contained in those websites, it may cause your device damage and even delete or remove the important data from your respective device. In order to download this app store now, just click on the header or footer options and download directly from the site through APK to enjoy it’s amazing, superb and smooth experience your favourite apps, games and much more..