9Apps Free video calling apps

9Apps Free video calling apps
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9Apps Free video calling apps :

Make high quality video and voice calls in your Android device by downloading the best and very popular video calling applications from 9App that offers a great variety of apps in almost every category. Following are some of the top rated and widely used video calling applications that you can installed in your device and chat with your family and friends face to face who are far away from you.

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Let us now discuss some of the best video calling apps, just take a look-


Skype is a free and very popular video and voice calling application that enables the users to instantly send message or make national as well as international calls. The best part of this app is it is completely free of cost and it also works irrespective of the device that you are using.
Put a glance on some of the noted below points that describes its features-

1- Users are allowed to make face to face video calls with their friends and family.

2- You can make video calls with up to 25 people by making a group.

3- This amazing app enables the users to message their friends instantly and they can even add up to 300 people to a group chat.

4- This widely used application is available on smartphones, tablets and PCs that makes it very convenient for the users to stay connected to their friends and family any time and any where.

5- You can send photos, messages, your location and emoticons etc to your chat with your friends and family.

Video calling free-

It is another very popular application of video calling which is used by millions of people across the globe because of its dependability and reliability. In addition to this, it also allows the users to easily connect with friends and family so that they can make a face to face call or send text messages, play games, take pictures, share photos, group chat in a chat room and do much more with the help of this amazing app by downloading it in their device.
Its key features are-

1- Users can make free video calling and chatting with their friends free of cost as this app is completely free to download and use.

2- Private or group chat option is provided to the users so that they can enjoy private chatting with their contacts.

3- File transfer feature helps the users to send images to the friends and family via video calling free.

4- In order to register yourself in this app, users can even use simple FB registration to fill in their profile and register their account.

5- This app works very well when you are not online as its push notifications will inform the user about missed chat messages and calls when the user is offline.

6- The video technology of this app automatically detects and adjusts for connection speed that works is a very big advantage for the users.


It is a reliable, fun, free and simple to use application that helps the users to make free voice and video calls all around the world. This stupendous app offers both one-two-one video calling as well as group calls for every user who has installed this App and uses the same. The app is completely free to download however, it uses Internet connection to get installed and make voice and video calls to your friends and family.
Following are the main are major features offered by this app, have a look-

1- Users can chat and make unlimited voice and video calls in a high quality so that they can experience faster, clearer and more reliable experience.

2- Users are provided with the facility to Doodle, share images and play games at the same point of time along with making calls to their contacts.

3- The simple and brilliant user interface of this app enables you to instantly select or friend or any other contact to make a video or voice call.

4- This app is completely private and Secure as all the data contained in it is fully encrypted and developers ensure that your Private data never get leaked.

5- Users can also choose their favourite themes and ringtones in order to personalize there experience. In addition to this, they can capture any precious moment by recording a video.


It is a free video and voice call application which is trusted by millions of people all around the world as it enables the users to stay in touch with the people who matter or who come first in their priority list. With the help of this amazing application, you can make free video calls, voice calls and messages.
Today this app has more than 350 million people due to its useful features, that includes-

1- Users can make groups of their family, friends, roommates, colleagues and chat with them anytime and anywhere by sending text messages, videos, photos, stickers and more to a group.

2- This app offers the users an opportunity to follow and interact with their favorites who are living nearby and around the world.

3- It not only allows you to make a video voice call but also offers the fun while making calls as you can send stickers, add filters and play games during the call which is very funny and interesting in itself.

4- It is one of the best video calling app through which you can contact your friends and family you are living far away from you and stay connected with them.

Above mentioned are some of the main and very popular video calling applications that you can download from 9Apps. If you like to download some other apps in the same category from 9Apps then you can also do this but first of all you are required to download 9Apps which can be installed in your device by clicking on the header or footer options through APK free of cost.