9apps for android 2019

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Android is a mobile operating system which works on open source platform using language Linux kernel. Just like Windows operating system and IOS operating system Android is also customisable but it is quite smarter than other operating system as a developer can even use planning concepts to change their graphical user interface of the operating system which make Android or Unix operating system from other operating system.

Support other application: Developer has to use software developer kit SDK to develop a new applications which is coming in Java through a java Virtual Machine. You can beat advance for this operating system and use this add ons in your operating system as it support built-in application aAP party props too.

Check your Android operating system version for 2019 updates
To check your Android operating system you have to open your mobile or Phone or Tablet go to users section you will see the word “about” in the setting menu.  Update your applications with the latest technology which is going to be launched in 2019.

How to update your Android application in your mobile?
You can update your Android application by using updates present in your mobile or you have to install 9Apps store where you will get all the updates of Android even if you want to change your Android operating system you have options to chain by using third party support. Keep in mind that if you are a developer and have developed any Android application then is easy to you to change the operating system unless you will not able to change operating system by yourself.

Where do I get Android SDK?
Download Android SDK you need to open 9Apps in a web browser and then search Android SDK you will get a download list according to the operating system version.

How to manage third party emulator in in your operating system?
You need to use Android debug Bridge(ADB) which is a part of Android SDK.

Why use 9Apps for download apps?

9Apps is free application store where all the applications are download very easily and it is well categorise so that you can find your preferred application in just a click. 9Apps also include almost all android operating system and their updated version so downloading any applications related to Android 9Apps is preferred app store.