9Apps has many benefits due to which it is one of the most popular and widely used appstore. It lets you download many apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers etc for free. Let us discuss about its awesome benefits in brief.
It offers you an awesome speed of downloading app from its store. All the apps of different categories that are available on 9apps are from trusted and reliable source which is considered as the big advantage for the users.
It is one of the very easiest app markets available on the internet today. As with the help of this simple to operate, mini sized and free app you will be updated with the recent and new apps, games, wallpaper, ringtone etc that are coming in the market and also the app store helps you to update with the latest version of other android apps. It supports all the versions of android right from 2.1 to the latest version which is one of its great merit. You will never get bored of this app store as it always updated with the latest and featured apps that you can download any time and take advantage of the same.

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The free app store of 9apps has the following outstanding features that is liked of our users to the great extent. Take a look on these features noted below-
The app store has provided you hundreds of sections as well as sub sections so that you can choose your desired app with great ease. 9apps also gives you an overview of every new launch of an app or game and suggest the users the best app for you.
You can get the best, latest and unique apps and discover these top apps from here. It offers you concise interface and smooth operations that lets the user enjoy the superb experience of downloading.


As we discuss earlier the app store consists of sever categories in order to make your search easier. Lets talk in brief about those various files as per their category.
Categories in apps are Utility, Music, Productivity, Media, Personalisation, Photography, Internet tools and many more.
Categories in games are Puzzle, Racing, Action, Arcade, Sports, Shooting etc.
Ringtone categories consist of Original, Funny, Classical, Instrumental, Sound effects, Remix etc.
Wallpaper categories are as follows- Nature, Car, Animals, Beach, Romantic, Love, Life, Children etc.

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