9Apps English Learning Apps download install

9Apps English Learning Apps download install
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9Apps English Learning Apps download install

9apps is a kind of app store that offers all types of apps to you at a single place. Users are provided with a great variety of apps in almost every category. Today we are going to discuss about one of the most searched and popular apps in the category of english learning. Noted below are some of the english learning apps that you can download in your android device from 9apps and ameliorate your english learning, speaking and communication skills to a 9Apps English Learning Apps download installgreat extent. Just take a look-

EMILLY- Spoken English-

EMILLY ( Extramarks Interactive Language Learning for You) is a popular and very useful app downloaded by millions of people as it enables the users to speak english with full confidence. Through this amazing app, one can easily and instantly master the art of speaking english. As today many of us fail to understand or speak english due to fear of making silly mistakes but now this problem is solved as this free and awesome app gives all those people an opportunity to bid good bye to all your fears of making mistakes while speaking english.
Currently this app is considered as one of the best spoken english app which is especially developed and designed for aspiring people who wants to learn english language and become confident english speakers.
There are many things that makes EMILLY one of the best app of English speaking and these are-
1- Its interactive learning modules are planned in order to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that are made up of rich multimedia content.

2- There are some lessons that are based on real life situations that helps in enchancing your skills.
3- Users are provided with bookmark facility so that they can mark any important word or sentence to revise it later on.

4- Options of Tips is given to highlight important parts of the lessons so that you can read them with more concentration.

English Speaking Vocabulary-

It is a free and widely used app that can help you to improve your english skills easily with dictionary. This app enables you to speak english with fluency as you will be able to learn every thing quickly by just listening, repeating and comparing.

Take a look on below noted features that describes about this app in detail-

1- There are total 2500 common vocabulary and phrase items available in the app that you can learn.

2- Each lesson provided in the app stimulates a conversation between the user and the native speaker. In addition to this, the users are also put in a variety of real time situations where they are required to participate in the conversation.

3- This Vocabulary app put more focus on pronounciation so that you can speak and spell each and every word correctly.

4- Users have access to normal and slow playback speeds for each conversation and word. To do this, you are only required to place your cursor over any word in the program and it will be pronounced thereafter.

5- More than 100 lesson about english speaking are offered and over 100 most common phrases are also provided so you can practice, speaking and check result online to earn more points.

6- Users can even learn words by playing a game to remember the words for a longer period of time.

7- Analysis features pronounciation, Literal translation, meaning and characters.
8- Huge amount of audio content is available so one can easily and instantly learn and grasp the skills.

Learn English-

It is another English learning app through which you can learn english words with fun. This app will help the users in learning English language as English is today used in almost every field whether you like listening music from other countries, travelling abroad, working for an international company, or chatting with your friends etc. This app encourages everyone weather kids or teenagers anyone else to learn and speak English quickly.
Noted below are the main features of learn English app, just take a look-

1- There are total 6000 words are available with images with phonetic transcriptions and pronunciation recordings by native speakers.

2- The entire vocabulary has been translated into 59 languages so that you can choose your Preferred language and translate the same into English to learn it.

3- Users can also learn English with the help of fun games as there are total 7 games available to learn in a uniquely entertaining manner.

4- Review manager is a feature offered in this app that allows you to review all the words that you have learned during each game.

5- Spin categories helps the user to choose a random topic, subtopic and game in order to enhance is learning experience.

6- The best part of this app is it is free of cost and it also does not require Internet connection to use i.e.. You can learn anything in this app without having Internet connection.

7- There are total three difficulties level namely beginner, intermediate and advanced so you can choose the level according to your level.

English listening and speaking-

Millions of people across the globe are improving their English conversation ability with the help of this application that enables the users to speak English more fluently in this app, there are many lessons divided into many sublevels from elementary to intermediate and advanced. Along with this, there are two audio modes available i.e.. Online streaming and offline streaming to learn English.
Its main features including common idioms and phrasal verbs in daily conversation that you can read and learn. There are hundreds of English conversation as well as the stories are offered with audios and completed transcripts. Users can improve their listening and vocablury abilities by hundreds of listening test and evaluate and analyse their performance according to the scores. Sentence building games are available in the app so that users can learn to make sentence without making any mistakes.
Above mentioned are some of the main English learning apps. In addition to this, there are many apps available in the 9apps store that you can download according to your choice but first of all you are required to download 9apps . Download it now, just click on the header or footer options and get it install directly through APK.