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9apps download whatsapp:

Recently the web has witnessed a most popular App and probably the first messaging App of the world. Watsapp made the world small and can connect one another by means of messaging. Popular social medias such as Facebook and Orkut has been dominant in the previous past. But Watsapp is more precisely meant  to chit-chat with friends &family. Recent upgradation of Watsapp to Voice calls and Video calls has added a feather to the crown. If you want to download whatsapp APK app. firtly download 9apps APK after that you can download whatsapp.

Unique features of Watsapp:

1) Individual chat or group chat facility.

2) Voice calls with limited data usage.

3) Video calls with clear and high picture quality without hang-up.

4) End-to-end chat encryption facility which doesnot discloses the chat to third party individual.

5) In a group chat , one can reply to a particular individual , so that no chaos and messy conversation occurs in between.

6) The unique delivery pattern of messages as, “Sent” (single tick) “Delivered” (Double ticks) “Read” (Blue ticks), shows the clarity of server and message sent pattern.

7) It has record facility, in case one doesn’t wish to type so long.

8) Instant pic capture and recording can be sent with this along with documents(pdf) , picture, images, videos, songs, music etc.

Even though we are at differnt parts of world , Watsapp brings people closer and closer in finger tip.

As a gesture for any start-up conversation we use “Wats Up??” and the app rightly named for the same “WatsApp” !!.

How to download Whatsapp :

  • Firstly download the 9apps application.
  • After that find Whatsapp APK
  • And after then save this app APK in your mobile.