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Dictionary apps download from 9apps :

The official website of 9apps provides a variety of top and best apps for the users of android in different categories which let them install all those apps which they want to download in their device and that’s too, in just few clicks without any sort of hurdles. In this article, we will discuss about some of the dictionary apps which the users can install in their device so they can look up the words quite often with solid as well as valid points and use the dictionary apps as a handy tool as by installing such apps, you can get rid of buying and carry the heavy dictionary everywhere.9apps dictionary apps free download

● Dictionary.com-

It is one of the top or premium dictionary app available to the users worldwide so they can install this leading and free of cost dictionary app in their advice from the 9apps store and offers its registered users with more than 2 lakhs of definitions and synonyms show that the users can find the meaning and detailed information by way of definition of any word with great ease and comfort as this app allows the user to access the app even in offline mode as well.

Now have a look on the points noted below to understand the key features of dictionary.com app-

1- This app daily offers a word of the day so as to expand the vocablary of the users and let them challenge themselves.

2- There is a unique feature of Local lookups offered in this app in which the user is allowed to see those words which are being searched in your nearby location.

3- With the help of voice search feature, the users can easily and instantly search for a word without typing the same in the search bar by just speaking the same.

● Oxford Dictionary of English-

It is a leading and one of the best dictionary app available in the market for the users of android worldwide. It comes with many interesting and useful features which you will never find in any other dictionary app and this is the reason why it becomes so popular and trusted by millions of people across the globe. The best part of this app is that it is the mobile version of Oxford University Press’ Oxford English dictionary

Here the list which describes the key features of Oxford Dictionary app, just have a look-

1- With the help of amazing and super useful search tools, the registered users can find the words they are looking for without even putting any effort.

2- The users are even allowed to share the words or definitions of this dictionary app on social sites like whatsapp, messenger and more directly through this app.

3- The offline mode makes this app much more interesting and worth giving as the users are not required to connect with the data whenever they want to search any word on this app as it can be easily work without the need of Internet connection.

So these are the dictionary apps with the users can install in their device free of cost directly from 9apps . To install all these dictionary apps and other apps from the store, the users are first of all required to install this mini sized app store. To do so, just click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly through APK..