9apps cricket games | Free download 9Apps cricket games APK – 2017

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9apps cricket games :

9Apps is a popular store from where the registered users can discover and explore all their favourite and top rated apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers free of cost. In the Mini sized app store, you will find everything in a very organised way as the apps and games are categorised according to the category which makes it convenient and easier for the users to search for their preferred app in just few seconds and also allow them to get a variety of the game or app they are looking for.
In this article, we will discuss and describe briefly some of the cricket game apps which the users can download from 9apps store, so just put a glance and get a better understanding of those applications-

● World Cricket Championship-

It is a popular and very amazing cricket android game app in which the user who loves to play cricket can enjoy the real time experience of playing the game in the device with most advanced 3D features. In the game play, the player is only required to play the match and be the part of a cricket team and play the maximum number of cricket shots. In addition to this, the game also allows the user to experience many amazing features which makes it one of the most dynamic as well as versatile game in the world of cricket game played in mobile.

Following are the points which describes its key features, just take a look-

1- There are total 69 different batting shots with 8 varied type of bowling actions which makes the game super exciting.

2- The players are also provided with an option to express their views through emoticons which can be varied according to the circumstances of the match.

3- To capture everything, there are more than 40 in game camera angles available in the studio.

4- If you wants to watch a particular shot then there is an option to switch the same in Ultra slow motion action which replays the shot with multiple camera angles.

● Real Cricket-

It is one of the most popular and widely played cricket game app with millions of installs till date. In the game play, the players are allowed to pick their favourite team which is full of superstars and after picking the same, they have to compete against other team to beat the rivals and succeed in the long run to win the trophy.
The best part of this game app is that it is available free of cost and the user is not required to pay a single penny to get it installed in their device from 9apps store.

Following are the main points which describe the key features of real cricket game app-

1- In the game, there are more than 27 seasonal shots which you can experience and even try the same in the most dynamic and realistic way not only in the game but also in real cricket.

2- The unique and amazing graphics of the game makes it look more eye catching and attracts the players to play the game as they get real time feeling of playing their favourite game.

3- The best part is that the users have a full control on team selection, batting and bowling order, field placement and much more.

So these are the app you can download mini size play store which is packed with great features. Not only this, there are many other interesting and addictive games of cricket offered in the store which you will definitely like. So, if you are a cricket lover and wants to install your favourite cricket games in your device then first of all download this tiny sized 9apps APK store in your device which consumes very little space and install all your favourite apps and games in just a single click. To install it now, just click on the header or footer options and download it directly through APK..