9apps best app locks download install Free APK 2017

9apps best app locks download install Free APK 2017
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Best app locks from install  9apps :

9Apps is the app store from where you can get the best and most trending apps for free so that its users can enjoy their favourite apps instantly by installing it in a high speed in order to experience the smooth as well as appropriate experience and that too absolutely free of cost. By downloading 9apps , users are allowed to download end number of apps in several different categories, among which app locks are one of them.
Below noted at some of the best app lock that you can download from this stupendous app store, just take a look-

AppLock from 9apps install

It is the best as well as very reliable app lock application which is used by millions of people in order to protect their privacy and lock the apps in the device. With the help of this Superb application which is available to the users free of cost, one can easily lock the apps, hide pictures and videos and protect the privacy with pattern or pin code.
Today this amazing application is used in more than 50 countries and trusted by over 200 million users. It is also available in 24 languages due to widely scattered users across the globe.
With the help of app lock, users are allowed to do the following things-

1- Lock apps with password lock, pattern or fingerprint.

2- You can hide the pictures as well as videos in order to protect and maintain your privacy so that no one else can look at your data that you do not want to share.

3- Well designed themes are available in the app along with customised background and profiles.

4- Time lock and Location lock feature is offered so that you can lock or unlock according to time and according to location respectively.

5- With the help of lock system settings, users can easily prevent a mess which is done by the kids.

CM locker from download 9apps store-

CM locker is a security app which is rated with the high points and considered as one of the most downloaded app lock and privacy guard that protects your confidential data and do not leak or share it with any third party because the most advanced mobile technology is used in this applocker.
With the help of its lock screen, it secures the device of users from int intruders with the pin or pattern lock security. It also comes with a variety of styles and themes that you can customise according to your choice, preference and liking.
Users are allowed to lock any app through app lock and protect the same such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other application installed in your device. If you have CM locker installed in your mobile phone, you can prevent others are outsiders from checking your images, videos, messages, contacts and any other private data from the eyes of intruders without you permission.
Anti theft protection is also given to the uses of this app with Facebook account to remotely lock and locate your device. If you like to read the news on your mobile phone then its user friendly slide lock screen enables you to browse the news and display the categories of the same that you want to read. Not only this, you can even read news when you do not have Internet connection.

Fingerprint pattern app lock from 9apps download –

Lock all those applications that are installed in your device with fingerprint pattern app lock which uses the most advanced technology and is also completely safe and Secure to use. Along with providing safety and security to the users, it also offers them a great opportunity to save data as it consumes very little megabytes in downloading as well as using the app.
Fingerprint app is available only on those devices that support fingerprint scanner and users are allowed to lock their mobile phone or applications according to their choice whether they like pattern or pin code as both the options are given in this app to lock and unlock the apps.
It not only works as an app protector for your mobile phone or any app because it is more than that due to its amazing and extraordinary features offered by it and this is the reason why today millions of people are using this app worldwide in order to give protection to their device.

Norton app lock from download 9apps-

Norton app lock provides the users a facility to protect and safeguard their privacy by using a secure password, PIN or pattern lock.
As we all know that our devices that we use such as mobile phone, tablet, laptops etc contains lot of sensitive information that we do not want to share with anyone else but due to improper locking system available in our device, that confidential information gets leaked and that is why we bring the best app lock for the users who are looking for the best app locker for the device to safeguard their privacy.
Users are allowed to add passcode security to such apps that they do not want to share. One can even protect Private data like photos, videos and many other confidential information with regard to your address, financial statements and much more from the eyes of intruders. Users are allowed to keep their content private whether the device is in their hands or not. Users are even provided with the facility to choose the app that they want to lock i.e.. All, some etc.
So these are the above mentioned best AppLock applications that you can from 9apps download . If you like any one of them and wants to download in your device then you can do so for free but before than that you need to install 9apps in your mobile phone for which you are required to tap on the header or footer options to download it directly through APK.